10 Foolproof Tips to Beat Jet Lag

By Chanchala Bose

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Everyone’s lifestyle has become too fast and hectic these days and it is really taking a toll on us. Some time ago, I realized that our skin and overall health get really stuck owing to this hectic lifestyle. When you are travelling, your skin care and health take a back seat. And, to make things worse, we encounter jet lag. So, here are some tips through which you can beat that nasty jetlag and enjoy your life and travels more.
10 Foolproof Tips to Beat Jet Lag

1. Sleep well during your journey

This is the first and foremost rule. Once you reach your destination, you become busy with unpackaging and other stuff. So it’s best to catch up on your sleep while you are travelling. A few hours of good sleep on your flight will surely make a difference. And, you anyway won’t miss out on anything if you take a two-hour nap on the flight.

2. Less makeup

Another golden rule while travelling! Since you will not be able to remove your makeup as easily, it’s best to not apply much makeup. In fact, try to apply no makeup at all. This point won’t beat your jet lag directly but will help you in being comfortable, relaxed and will help you sleep better. No makeup will keep your skin fresher for longer and you won’t start to feel lethargic too soon.

3. Avoid alcohol on flight

alcohol on flight
No matter how tempting those drinks look or how persuasive that hostess is, do not give in. Just don’t go for alcohol. Because jet lag and hang over is the worst combination. You could waste a day or two due to this combination, without even realising it.

4. Insomniacs

People who can’t sleep while travelling, never ever go for those sleeping pills. They disturb your entire internal system. Try to indulge in some other recreational activities like reading, listening to soothing music etc.

5. Move around

Don’t be a lazy traveller on the flight. Move around and try to indulge in some sitting exercises. This way, your blood circulation will be proper and you won’t be suffering from jet lag issues that much.

6. Start with a light meal

Once you have de-boarded the flight, in case you want to get over the jet lag, begin with a light meal. This way, your body will stay active and you will be able to survive the entire day. If you eat something heavy immediately, then you might feel lazy and might develop a strong urge for an untimely nap.

7. Drink loads of water

Sometimes, when the place and climate change, your skin can become dehydrated and dry. Not to forget, lack of hydration affects your entire body. So, to keep your internal system aligned and your senses in control, make sure you keep drinking enough water throughout your flight and even after landing and reaching your destination.

8. Setting up your time in advance

One of the basic reasons of jet lag is that you are not prepared for what is coming ahead. So, try to adjust your watch as per the new time in case you are shifting time zones. Preparing yourself mentally for a change in time zone will create a major impact.

9. Concentrate more on food rich in carbohydrates

Studies have proven that if you are increasing your intake of carbohydrates just before your travel, it might keep you relaxed, composed and anxiety-free. This will help you to get over your jet lag quite easily.

10. Sun therapy

sun bath
And last but not the least, daytime is meant to stay awake and work or just for relaxation. So, avoid sleeping during the sun time and bask in all the sunlight you can. This will help you adjust better as per your new time zone.

So, these were some of the tips and tricks from my side that will help you get over that jet lag. Hope you like them. Let me know your thoughts in the comments down below. 🙂

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