10 Genius Packing Hacks that’ll Save You Time and Space

By Chanchala Bose

Hi, fashionistas!
Here I am with yet another post. Well, most of us love to travel and we girls love to carry our world with us while travelling. But, of course, we cannot carry everything as there is something called “space crunch” and baggage weight restrictions. So, you are supposed to be sensible and smart while packing your stuff. There are some brilliant packing hacks that smart travellers always use. So, here I am presenting you some of the hacks that’ll save you lots of space and time.
10 Genius Packing Hacks that'll Save You Time and Space

1. How to pack jewellery

Either the jewellery pieces get broken or they get tangled and end up ruining other things. So, always wrap a plastic sheet between those jewellery pieces. That way, they will stay in place and won’t tangle.

2. How to store small jewellery pieces

how to pack jewellery
Use those empty pill containers or lip balm containers to keep your small jewellery pieces like finger rings, nose rings etc.

3. What to do with long dainty necklaces

Many dainty and long neckpieces tend to get tangled while travelling. So, what you can do here is use straw ends to place them on the necklace ends. This way they will stay in place.

4. Small stud earrings

Have you ever thought of using buttons to store small stud earrings? You can easily insert the end of the earrings into the button holes. This way they will stay in place and not get that lost.

5. Say no to creases

wrinkle free packing
Have you ever wondered why even ironed pieces tend to get crushed once you unpack the bag after reaching the destination? Well, that is simply because when you are travelling your clothes tend to move here and there and so they get creased and wrinkled. Pack your clothes inside a dry cleaning bag and make them look freshly ironed.

6. Say yes to rolling

Always try to roll your clothes instead of folding them. You must remember that this is not your cupboard so in order to enjoy maximum space, just roll them.

7. Bra packing

how to pack bra
Keep your bras one over the other. Actually, take the biggest padded bra and insert other bras inside the cups of that bra. And finally, fold them. This will not only give space but also maintain the shape of the cups.

8. Shower cap and shoes

I always wonder where to keep my shoes. Insert your shoes inside your shower cap. This way you can prevent your clothes from getting dirty due to the shoes.

9. Storing stuff inside shoes

If your shoes are clean and you are comfortable, then you can use the space inside your shoes too. You can keep socks or tubes of your skin care or makeup stuff there. Just make sure that the products don’t get busted.

10. Store fragrance bottles

how to pack perfume
Have you ever thought of storing your fragrance bottles inside your socks? Well, just imagine! This way you can prevent breakage of your premium luxury bottles too. Just make sure you use multiple layers.

So, these were some of the best packing hacks from my side. Let me know if you love them in the comments down below.

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