10 Habits That Are Damaging Your Skin

10 Habits That Are Damaging Your Skin


Some of you might be alarmed at how your skin condition is going from bad to worse, at least I am, I am having bad breakouts now.  Usually, the zits clear up within a week or so, but it has been weeks now and a trip to the dermatologist and use of harsh benzoyl peroxide ointments is causing skin peeling and dry skin.  So, right now, I have confused skin type, that’s a combination of dry, oily, normal, sensitive, acne-prone skin type.  While home remedies are helping a lot, it was time for me to pause and analyze what has gone wrong.  Though underlying hormonal condition is the main culprit, I had pretty good skin using Clinique and other products.  So, it was something else this time and I have find out a few habits that might be aggravating the condition.  If you are suffering from sudden spurt of skin problems, stop and rethink, and go through this list to find out if you are a victim of one or all of these bad habits mentioned below:

1.  Sleeping with Makeup On:

Washing face

You must have heard it for umpteen times now, but on some days, we might feel too tired to take the makeup off.  We would think that it might be just a tinted moisturizer and it wouldn’t do any harm, but all kind of makeup would lead to clogging of pores and breakouts.  Even if you do not have acne-prone skin, your skin needs to breathe through the night to replenish and rejuvenate itself and sleeping with makeup on acts as a hindrance and damages the skin, so never sleep with makeup on.

2.  Not Drinking Enough Water:

Drinking water

Drink 8 glasses of water, time and again it has been repeated.  Some of us may even take cola cans into the count, but that’s just not right.  Take 8 or more glasses of water to keep your body and skin hydrated.  It helps in flushing out of toxins and helps in the skin’s healing process.

3.  Skipping Sunscreen:


Admit it! We do sometimes let go of sunscreens because it might not feel that hot or sunny outside to slather on the sunscreen.  In no weather or climate does sunscreen goes “off season.”  Even in the winters, applying sunscreen is mandatory to prevent sunburns and sun damage.

4.  Spending Long Hours Talking on the Cell Phone:

woman talking on phone

While I do not know about the radiation and all that jazz causing damage to the skin, the large phone screens that rubs against your cheeks harbors skin damaging bacteria and microbes that can cause breakouts, fungal reactions, etc.  Its time to go hands free now or at least use anti-bacterial wipes handy to wipe your phone’s screen guard.

5.  Sleeping on Dirty Pillows:

Keeping oil overnight and washing it off the next morning, most of you might be doing that, but do you change the pillow cover the next day?  Oil attracts dust, dirt and bacteria and sleeping on the same pillow cover the next day may cause breakouts.  Even if you do not oil your hair overnight, pillows do gather up grime over a period of time and if you sleep face down on pillows like me, its a nightmare! Keep changing your pillow covers, at least once or twice a week.  Also, change your towels frequently.

6.  Not Doing Patch Test:

Whenever you try a new product, its imperative that you do a patch test.  Do not limit the patch test to bleach, hair dyes, do patch test for every product that goes on your skin.

7.  Dieting the Wrong Way:

Starving and choosing a diet that doesn’t suit you would do a lot of harm to the skin. If you starve yourself and deprive your body of the necessary nutrients and vitamins, your skin is gonna take the blow in the long run. Take a balanced diet for healthy skin and body.

8.  Too Much AC:

A lot of us spend a lot of time in the AC environment which strips the skin off moisture and hydration.  Cut down on your AC time and breathe in natural air.

9.  Too Much Caffeine/Sugar/Junk Food:

Junk food, caffeine, aerated beverages, and sugar all hinder with the natural functioning  of the body and affect the skin badly, so cut down on the junk food and sugar.

10.  Not Enough Sleep:

Having a good night’s sleep is so important because during that time, your skin rejuvenates, heals and repairs itself.  So, do not cut down on your sleeping time, 7 to 8 hours of sleep is a must to charge up your skin and body.

I am working on to get rid of my bad habits, what bad habit of yours do you think is damaging your skin, do mention in the comments 🙂

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15 thoughts on “10 Habits That Are Damaging Your Skin

  1. Awesome post Jomol, Jomol you know what you guys should do a preview of the sale you’ll be doing on your blog so that who are interested can be prepared. *haan ji*

  2. Its definitely lack of water & Dieting the wrong way for me… talking too much on phone is one thing tht i have totally avoided since past few months, if i have to only talk for long duration thn i prefer using my headphones.. rest all i follow 😀 will now work on the 2 i lack..

  3. thanks jomo *puchhi* l for this post very informative I suddenly realized I make most of the mistakes listed above *cry* *spank* *spank*

  4. Areeeee wahhhhhh this is awesome *woot* *woot* *woot* *woot* amazing tips you have shared *happy dance* *happy dance* *happy dance* me toh have a big-time prob of junk food and full-time AC *headbang* *headbang*

  5. I hate hate applying sunscreen.. *headbang* n always skip it.. *scared*.. But after this post i need to mend my ways i guess.. *hihi*.. *thankyou* for sharing.. *puchhi*

  6. Mine include not drinking enough water (the loos in my college are yuck!) , not getting enough sleep and eating junk. *headbang*
    Otherwise I religiously apply sunscreen 😛

  7. Except 8 I can inlcude myself in all other points *scared* *scared* *scared*
    I guess I need to follow all and I hope I follow 😛

  8. For me it is 2, 8 and to some extent 10 too. Am trying to improve on 2 but 8 can’t really help it when I spend 10 hrs a day at work in AC. At home, we dont have AC at all! And in Pune in this weather, we dont even need the fan!! 😀 And 10 well, cant be helped. When you are a full time working mom living in a nuclear family, anything more than 6.5+ hrs is a bonus!

  9. omg.. I fear i commited all these sins every now n then if not always.. *scared* *headbang* Gosh i need to get rid of all 10 habits mentioned here.. *headbang* *headbang*

  10. Sleeping with the Make up.. I had a clear skin but few times I dint remove my Make up as i felt it was light n could not affect me skin but now I am getting breakouts which is spoiling my face.

  11. Nice post Jomol. I don’t damage my skin in any of the 10 ways. I have this 11th habit of damaging my skin-using hot water. I hate it when it harms my skin but I so much like hot water (yeah, far hotter than lukewarm), I can’t help 🙁

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