10 Hair Masking Secrets That You Must Know

Hi all, from the chemical damage due to coloring and heat styling to the pollution damage that our hair goes through everyday, our hair endures a lot. And to make the hair look healthy and shiny even after all these, just shampoo and conditioning is not all right. A hair mask nourishes and revitalizes your hair. Just like you go for facials often along with the regular CTM routine, your hair also needs the mask for the extra bit of pampering. But, a wrong mask or wrong method of mask application can damage your hair. In today’s post, I will talk about 10 hair masking secrets that you must know to get maximum benefits.

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Hair Masking Secrets For Healthy Hair

1. Pick the Right One for Your Hair Type

There is no point in choosing random hair masks. The mask that specifically deals with your hair type and its problems is definitely the best. You may use a universal mask if you want to, but at time, you must use a specific one for the best results. While oily hair needs clay based masks, the dry, damaged chemical treated hair needs super moisturizing ones. You can pick the smoothening masks for the curly hair and for thin limp hair, the lightweight, hydrating masks are the best option.

2. You Do Not Need a Lot

Using too much of the mask can be too heavy for the hair and can make the hair greasy. It can also lead to more hair fall during the wash. The amount of product does not matter as long as you are using the right product. Try to start with less and add a little more if you need.

3. Use At Least Once A Week

Our hair goes through a lot of stress throughout the week, so using hair masking once in every seven days is a must. Masking needs some time and it is best to do it in the weekends. If you love overnight masks, then you can do it on any day of the week and can even manage twice a week if you need to.

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4. Focus at the Tips

The tip of our hair is the oldest and they are often brittle and week. So, it is always advisable to use a mask mainly at the tip of the mask and gradually move up. This gives the maximum care to the tips and also to the rest of the hair as needed.

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5. Read Instructions

If you are buying store-bought masks, reading the instruction is must. You must not keep the mask for longer than instructed as that can weaken and damage the hair. Many masks are meant just for the hair and not the scalp. Following these instructions are necessary to keep the hair healthy and happy.

6. DIY Masks are the Best

Instead of buying a mask that claims to contain the ”goodness of avocado”, it is better to make an avocado mask at home. Homemade masks are effective in various ways. They are always freshly made and contain no harmful chemical at all. They can be customized according to your need. And, this definitely allows you to save some money.

7. Heat it Up

Masks are the most effective when they are slightly heated. This allows the hair to soak up maximum goodness and look the best. You can use a heated shower cap or a hot towel for this. You can also warm up the mask before applying to get similar results.

8. Keep it Overnight

If you are using a lightweight, DIY mask, you can easily keep it on overnight. This allows the mask to pamper the hair throughout the night and as you wash it off the next day, you will get the most gorgeous hair. Always wear a cap to keep the mask in place when you are using it overnight.

9. Comb it Thoroughly

The best way to disperse the mask thoroughly throughout the hair is by combing it thoroughly. Always brush the hair with a wide toothed brush after applying the mask, this allows the mask to disperse on all strands and give equal love to all the area.

10. Wash it Right

Washing the mask properly is very important. It is better to shampoo and condition the hair after you apply a mask. If you are using the mask after shampooing, rinse it off thoroughly with lukewarm water. This ensures that the mask is washed out properly. Residues left can damage the hair and you definitely won’t want that ever.

Following these instructions and using DIY masks can give you hair spa experience and result at home. Give these hair masking secrets a try and you will never go to a hair salon for a spa again.

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