10 Health and Beauty Benefits of Sunbathing Early in the Morning

By Surabhi Singh

I know how almost every person is afraid of exposing themselves to the sun. But did you know it is good to soak in the sunlight for a while because it offers many benefits? You cannot imagine how more than half of your health and beauty problems can be solved with this. Only 15 minutes of exposure early in the morning is sufficient. You must know that sunbathing is considered a part of yoga because of its healing properties. Well, if you are confused how sunlight can heal you then you have to read further.

Improves your skin texture

In terms of improving skin texture, sunlight does wonders. It treats any kind of infection by reducing bacteria count and improves your skin. It treats your skin thoroughly while making the texture even. You should gradually expose your skin to sunlight to get the maximum benefits. First, start exposing your skin for a few minutes and then gradually increase the duration (maximum up to 15 minutes). Fairer skin needs much less time, say 10 minutes.

Treats acne and other skin disorders

Sunlight helps in treating acne and skin disorders like eczema. It kills all the acne causing bacteria. Acne causing bacteria cannot stand the exposure to sunlight. For treating light skin disorders, sun exposure of 20 minutes is sufficient. However, if you’re suffering from serious disorders, then it should be done under medical supervision as UV rays can cause more damage.

Helps in losing weight

Yes, it does. Sunlight helps with weight loss as it burns excess fat from the body when exposed to the sun. It doesn’t make you lose weight miraculously but surely helps. Not only this, sunlight boosts the production of serotonin in your body which suppresses the appetite and makes you eat less.

Helps in hair growth

Sunlight provides you vitamin D. It helps in stimulating the growth of your hair. Hair growth depends on various factors like genes, iron intake, quality of hair etc. and one can not expect any miracle. You can surely expose yourself to the sunlight for improving your hair growth a bit, but you cannot totally depend only on this one factor.

Prevents excessive hair fall

Exposing yourself to the sunlight will prevent excessive hair fall problem. However excess exposure can lead to the damage of epithelial cells which are responsible for hair growth.

Helps in lowering blood pressure

Vitamin D helps in balancing your blood pressure. Hence, the deficiency of vitamin D can imbalance your blood pressure. As we all know, nothing is a better source of vitamin D than the sun. Banning sunlight totally can increase your blood pressure, which in turn affects your heart. Exposing yourself to the sun will regulate your blood pressure and keep your heart healthy.

Keeps you cheerful

Exposure to sunlight increases the production of serotonin, body’s happy hormone. It makes your mood cheerful. Hence, this is the reason you feel cheery whenever the sun shines in your balcony.

Treats depression

Regular exposure helps in beating SAD (seasonal affective disorder), which impacts people in winter. It is a mild depression. If you are having winter blues then exposing yourself to the early sunlight can help you combat seasonal affective disorder. Sunlight helps in the formation of an antidepressant in the brain which can be truly helpful for the mild depression.

Boosts immune system

Sunlight provides vitamin D to your body. Vitamin D helps in proper functioning of T-cells. T cells improve the immunity of your body. If you are having the deficiency of vitamin D, it can affect your immune system negatively.

Cleanses blood vessels

When you expose yourself to early sunlight, it penetrates into your skin and cleanses your blood vessels to improve the blood circulation. It also enhances the body’s capacity to carry oxygen. This will not only make you healthy, but also keep you active all day long.

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