10 Healthy and Tasty Breakfast Ideas

10 Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Often we are bored with same breakfast routine and crave for something new!!! So below are 10 best ways to start your day!!!!

1) Dates and Almond Milkshak – Blend 1/2 cup soaked dates, few almonds (powdered first) and 1 cup milk in a blender. It’s healthy and delicious. You can either warm it and drink or have it cold. Mix in a banana or couple of tablespoons of honey to the above for a sweeter milkshake; this adds another 120 calories and natural sweetness, so split it with your spouse or your kids for a no-brainer powerful breakfast.

2) Mix some suji and some yogurt Add all the seasonings/extra veggies you like (salt, green chilies, onions, tomatoes, green onions etc) and make a big uttapa style snack with little just a little bit of oil….instead of coconut chutney, sauté the spinach or methi leaves with a bit of oil, garlic and black pepper and salt and put the greens in the centre and eat it like bhaji. It will be delicious and won’t cost you more than 350 calories at max. You can also sprinkle cheese or paneer for kids and adults alike….yummy…..

3) Take Cabbage, Carrot, Onions, spinach, Methi or Lauki …grate or/and chop any of those and add the seasonings you like…add some whole wheat flour and suji….and yogurt…and make it into a soft dough, make steamed muthiya or thepla from the dough and have it with either yoghurt or milk. I sometimes combine grated cabbage and grated carrots with some cheese and green chillies, add some whole wheat flour, a bit of yoghurt and make it into dough and make thepla or paratha. …. (I salt the veggies first, let the water run out and make the dough using the same veggie water…)…for my kids, I spread some jam, roll it up and serve them as school lunch too!

4) Combine 2 egg-whites and 1 yolk (you can skip yolk) and add some onions, black pepper, salt, coriander leaves. Whisk it well and make it like an omelet or eat it scrambled. Have it with a buttered toast and some coffee or tea, or you can have it milk. Combination of protein and calcium is very effective for recovering tired muscles and maintaining the muscle means that overall metabolism increases. I can probably make 100’s of different styles of omelet…..cause its such a staple breakfast delight! My favorite combo is chopped green olives, onions, and green chilies, grated cheese all whipped together and made into a heavenly fluffy omelet…..

5) Mash boiled beans (I love rajma for this one) till slightly mushy. (Usually I boil them a day before). Add some onions, grated carrot, finely chopped bell pepper, mushrooms and garlic or garlic powder, salt and black pepper. Add about 1-2 thsp of wheat flour or bread crumbs and mix it well. Shape into small patties and cook them in little oil. Have these with 1 cup of yoghurt or milk or tea. Or make burgers out of it with some slices of tomatoes, onions, cheese mustard, and ketchup on a whole wheat bun.

6) Top a small oven-baked potato or sweet potato with ½ cup of seasoned grilled vegetables and have it with half a cup of cottage cheese and small glass of low-fat milk. If cottage cheese is not available, using low-fat Paneer is fine.

7) Get whole wheat pancake mix and make small pancakes as per directions. Sprinkle a small spoonful of sugar on finely cut fruits like strawberries, mango or pineapple and add a dash of lemon juice in a small bowl. Heat it in microwave oven for a couple minutes in microwave oven safe bowl of course and then voila! You will have fresh fruit syrup which is so much more tasty and guilt-free then using calorie laden sugar or maple syrup! For added boost of protein, add a whipped egg or grated low-fat Paneer to the batter of pancakes to make pancakes more nutritious.


8) This is my all-time favorite trick to get my kids to eat their fruits.They love it as breakfast or after –school snacks.I melt some dark chocolate chips in a small glass bowl by heating for abt 30-45 seconds in microwave oven….then I drizzle the yummy quickie chocolate sauce all over the sliced bananas or apples sometimes I add some peanut butter to the sauce for a change and I just love to see them lick their plates clean!

9) My kids love French Toast and so does my husband and me, so I just beat couple of eggs and couple of egg-whites with a bit of milk (makes it more soft and fluffy) and add a spoon of sugar, some cinnamon and a pinch of salt .Soak about 4 thick slices of whole wheat bread one by one in the egg-mix. Then I cook the soaked bread slices till they are light brown on both sides….and serve with quickie chocolate sauce I mentioned above…..or sometimes with melted jam ( I love orange jam…..so I add a few tsp of jam into a glass bowl, zap it in microwave and it becomes syrupy and yummy)!

10) This is my favorite breakfast for a lazy Saturday or Sunday morning.  It takes minutes to prepare! Mix some suji and yogurt together, add water to make batter like consistency…leave it for few minutes…then add some grated garlic, finely chopped onions, green chillies, black pepper, salt and a dash of Eno…and mix everything well. I also make Indian Tea along with this – another one of my favorite indulgences!!! Then I spread the batter into steel thaalis and top it with Til seeds….the white ones….and then steam them…I cut it into dhokla shapes and believe me….the crackle of Til seeds with crunchy onions and green chillies. It’ s a taste that tantalizes to tackle my big day full of errands, kids activities and social gatherings!!!

Breakfasts are big thing in my household, its one of the times of the day, when everyone is together before heading out to school or work. My kids are always excited to know what I will be serving them for breakfast! And I always go to sleep planning what is first thing I will make in the morning. I usually cut onions, bell peppers, mushrooms, herbs the night before, so I can pretty much mix them in any of the combinations! I really don’t prefer my kids eating sugary cereals or fried snacks in the morning .so I always have formed habit of making fresh breakfast  – for all of my family! It’s nutritious, tastier and more refreshing than a simple toast and butter and since I am always running against time, it has to be something quick, simple and easy!

Thank you for reading my article! I hope you got an inspiration or two!

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  1. woww…..yummy recipies :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
    I just had lettuce salad abhi… :((
    Me on diet. So I am gonna try few of the veg ideas here… :thanks: :thanks: :thanks: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    1. Best of Luck for the diet Jinal! But in any diet, breakfasts are must! And I liked that you mentioned about going heavy on breakfast, light on lunch and lighter on Dinner…..

    1. Thank you Anks! Are sometimes I also have that problem…..then I just need a glance at my recipe books, cook books or have to watch some cooking show, then I get good ideas!

  2. This is awesome, I have this battle every morning of what to pack for my lil one for snacks for school…will try these:) :yes:

  3. Thanks for this article!..i was bored of the usual dosa, upma, parathas bfast items..this sounds good and healthy. will try some of them for sure.

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  5. My Mom makes that suji and yogurt thing..its so yummm,its my favourite breakfast :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

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