10 Healthy Habits You should Start in Your 20s

By Chanchala Bose

Hi IMBBians,

20s is the golden time in everyone’s life. Most of us graduate, get our first job and even get married in our 20s. With freedom and money, you have got just a little time for yourself during this time period. Hence, most of us tend to make many health related mistakes during this decade, which leads to health complications in future. In this list, I have jotted down ten important and crucial healthy habits that you must develop and stick to.


1. Pap smear test

This is the perfect time to conduct a pap test as by 20s most of us tend to become sexually active. This is the test that determines if there are any chances of cervical cancer. Hence, it keeps you aware of your inner health.

2. Smart Snacking


Fast food is never an ideal meal. So, it’s time to start eating something healthy and nutritious. Start eating 100-200 calories of healthy snacks every two hours interval. This will provide your body with ample nourishment and keep your metabolism high.

3. Fun Activity

This is the perfect age and time to get indulged in some fun activities. You can even learn anything of your choice. Like, try horse riding, swimming, or even hiking. This will keep you healthy and happy in the long run.

4. Begin with green tea


Since you are all about staying healthy, this is the perfect time to substitute your normal tea or coffee and even alcohol with green tea. A cup of green tea is loaded with antioxidants and is extremely beneficial for your skin, health and hair.

5. Time for eye yoga

This age is all about using computers and desktop. Long working hours and sitting in front of laptops is not at all good for your eyes. So, it’s the best time to get indulged in eye yoga. Keep splashing cold water on your eyes every now and then, rub ice cubes every night before sleeping and try to go for the tea bag therapy every once a week.

6. Meal skipping is strictly prohibited

Skipping meals is very dangerous for your health in the long run. So it’s best not to skip meals. As mentioned earlier, keep munching on healthy and nutritious snacks every now and then.

7. Consume calcium-rich foods


Consuming at least two food products rich in calcium per day is a must for every girl. So eat a cup of yoghurt and consume a glass of milk every single day for strong bones.

8. Time for some reflexology

This is actually finding out the reflex points in your hands and body. This will help detoxify the body and reduce any sort of physical pain. It will also help you combat stress, depression and regular physical pain.

9. Maintain a notebook

This is the perfect age to pen down your thoughts. A number of random thoughts, anxieties and stressful situations haunt us during this time, note them down. In fact, note down everything you experience. It will not only reduce your insecurities but also help you create memories.

10. Brush twice a day


This is one of the healthiest dental care habits. You must brush your teeth twice – once in the morning and once at the night time. This will help you smell better, stay fresh and avoid mouth infections.

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