10 High-End Products and Their Dupes from the Amazing Dupe Factory of Makeup Revolution!

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Makeup Revolution (MUR) has created quite a stir since their launch in India! Aren’t we all addicted to their products? They make the best products with great quality and at amazing pricing. While reviewing their products, it just clicked me that these products look similar to many products that are already reviewed on IMBB. And then I realised that yes, this brand does make dupes and that too excellently. When we buy a replica saree, the quality totally degrades and does not live up to our expectations, but MUR products work amazingly well even at an affordable price.

So without a lot of blabbering, I will list down 10 high-end products and their MUR dupes! I will be mentioning the prices listed on the official websites which may differ locally in India!

10 High-End Products and Their Dupes from the Amazing Dupe Factory of Makeup Revolution

1. Too Faced melted liquified long wear lipstick (Price: $21/Rs 1420)

(Shades available: Velvet, strawberry, sugar, frosting, villain, chihuahua, melon, jelly donut, melted nude, melted coral, melted fuchsia, melted peony, melted ruby, melted violet, melted marshmallow, melted fig, melted candy, melted berry)

MUR dupe: Makeup Revolution I heart makeup lip lava (Price: 2.99 GBP/Rs 299)

(Shades available: Unleash, shockwave, tremor, forgiven, firestorm)
lip lava
The lip lavas look exactly like the too faced melted lipstick. I loved how they duped it because the quality of these lip lavas is amazing, certainly not ultra matte like some of the Too Faced ones but they are bold and look extremely sexy when applied on the lips! Plus they cost even less than half of what the Too Faced ones cost, so these are like the best deals that you can get!

2. Urban Decay naked smoky eyeshadow palette (Price: $54/Rs 3660)

MUR dupe: Makeup Revolution iconic smokey palette (Price: Rs 1350)

Makeup Revolution iconic smokey palette
Urban Decay naked smoky palette created a buzz and people went crazy behind this palette. And MUR duped this palette beautifully with 90% similar shades lined up. You can compare the 2 palettes and see that each shade is very close to each other. I have picked up the MUR palette and will review it soon!

3. Too Faced sweethearts perfect flush blush (Price: $30/Rs 2030)

(Shades available: Candy glow, something about berry, peach beach)

MUR dupe: Makeup Revolution I heart makeup blushing hearts (Price: 4.99 GBP/Rs 499)

(Shades available: Peachy pink kisses, Iced hearts, Bursting with love, Candy queen of hearts, Peachy keen heart, blushing hearts)
Makeup Revolution I heart makeup blushing hearts
I instantly fell in love the moment I saw them because they were the cutest looking blushes. They definitely looked like a collector’s item. Makeup Revolution played a bigger game here than Too Faced as they created various shade to match everyone’s skin-tones and needs too.

4. Too Faced chocolate bar eye shadow palette (Price: $49/Rs 3320)

MUR dupe: Makeup Revolution I heart makeup I heart chocolate palette (Price: 7.99 GBP/Rs 799)

Makeup Revolution I heart makeup I heart chocolate palette
The packaging of these bars and the shade selection looked very close but the price difference just dropped my jaw! I mean the difference is so huge and I am sure the quality of the dupe is great since the MUR products have always received a positive review from our reviewers. Try it if you love the chocolaty shades!

5. Laura Geller baked gelato swirl illuminator (Price: $26/Rs 1760)

(Shades available: Ballerina, gilded honey)

MUR dupe: Makeup Revolution radiant light highlighter (Price: 5 GBP/Rs 500)

(Shades available: Breathe, exhale, glow)
Makeup Revolution radiant light highlighter
Highlighters are usually very expensive but they deliver something that changes the entire look of the skin and the makeup. We cannot access all the international brands over here and so MUR came to the rescue. They got us these amazing highlighters that look like a very close dupe of the Laura Geller illuminators. And I really enjoyed using one variant from them!

6. Urban Decay electric pressed pigment palette (Price: $49/Rs 3320)

MUR dupe: Makeup Revolution salvation colour chaos palette (Price: 6 GBP/Rs 600)

Makeup Revolution salvation colour chaos palette
I wouldn’t call this one an exact dupe of the electric palette from Urban Decay, but the shades look quite similar even though the placement and the shapes on the palette look different. It is a great palette for those who want to experiment and play with colours.

7. MAC mineralize skinfinish gold deposit (Price: $32/Rs 2170)

MUR dupe: Makeup Revolution vivid baked bronzer rock/rock on world (Price: 4 GBP/Rs 400)

Makeup Revolution vivid baked bronzer rock on world
Want soft bronzed face to keep your skin glowing all day long? Then MAC gold deposit is a good one to try, but if you don’t want to splurge, then MUR has a perfect dupe for you. It is super close as far as the shade is concerned and the pigmentation of the MUR one is even higher than the MAC one, so do give it a shot!

8. Too Faced la crème color drenched lipstick (Price: $22/Rs 1500)

(Shades available: Naked dolly, topless, taffy, marshmallow bunny, juicy melons, spice spice baby, nude beach, naughty nude, sugar daddy, double bubble, mean girls, clueless, unicorn tears, honey bear, sweet maple, wham, pink chocolate, Ursula, berry naughty, country star, bumbleberry, divine wine, i want candy, coral fire, razzle dazzle rose, so berry sexy, stiletto red, fuchsia shock, teddy berry, bon bon, jelly bean, lollipop)

MUR dupe: Makeup Revolution lip hug (Price: 2.50 GBP/Rs 250)

(Shades available: I think you’re amazing, end with beginnings, I am ready, I wasn’t mixed up, insatiable, keeps the planet spinning, let’s raise the bar, love can set you free, not giving up, saviour will come, still missing my baby, to get lucky, want to leave, when you came to me, who we are, present has no living, she’s up all nightwe have come too far, good fun, save me from yourself)
Makeup Revolution lip hug
The la crème lipsticks have a gold packaging and the ones from MUR have a black packaging but the packaging design, the finish, and the shade selection look very similar. In fact, Too Faced has launched a new range of lipsticks called “La matte” which look exactly like the MUR ones. The lasting power will definitely differ, but hey, at this price, it’s a perfect buy!

9. Stila magnificent metals foil finish eye shadow (Price: $32/Rs 2170)

(Shades available: Comex platinum, metallic dusty rose, kitten, vintage black gold, Metallic lavender, comex gold, titanium, metallic laurel, metallic cobalt, metallic emerald, metallic merlot, metallic jade, metallic violet, metallic lilac, metallic golden pink, metallic rose quartz, metallic glided gold, metallic pixie dust, metallic peach)

MUR dupe: Makeup Revolution awesome metals eye foils (Price: 4 GBP/ Rs 400)

(Shades available: Black diamond, pure platinum, emerald goddess, rose gold, magnificent copper)
Makeup Revolution awesome metals eye foils
I loved the fact that MUR duped the Stila eye foils as the concept is very unique and the brand is not easily available in India. The kind of pigmentation that these eye foils deliver is just mind blowing. Just one swipe and you can get the entire colour all over your eyes, so go ahead and rock the bold eye makeup look with these cuties.

10. MAC studio face and body foundation (Price: $27/Rs 1830)

MUR dupe: Makeup Revolution the one foundation (Price: 4 GBP/Rs 400)

Makeup Revolution the one foundation
I wouldn’t blindly say that this is the exact dupe of the MAC foundation, but the quality is going to be great as usual. Though the coverage and the staying power might be a little low as compared to the MAC one, the MUR price and packaging have completely nailed the deal for us. And what impressed me even more is that MUR went a step ahead and created 16 shades where MAC has only 13.

If you cannot access/afford the above-listed high-end brand products, then say hello to MUR! I hope you enjoyed this post and if there is any other dupe list you need, please do mention it in the comments below.


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