10 Important Tips to Follow while Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes

By Chanchala Bose

Hi folks,

Cleaning anything can be a pain to us. But what needs to be done, needs to be done. And cleaning makeup brushes should be your topmost priority. If you don’t clean your makeup products in time, it can lead to unnecessary infections and may be many other serious complications in future. So, here are some of the quick tips you must follow.


1. Right time to wash the makeup brushes

You should wash makeup brushes regularly, that is at least twice a week. But the danger alert is when you see your brushes are no longer soft. That’s the high time when you should wash your brushes at all costs.

2. Product accumulated in the brush


When there is a lot of product accumulated in the brush, try to use products like soaps, detergents and other oil cleansers to wash the makeup brushes.

3. Soak them

It is of prime importance that you soak your makeup brushes before beginning the process of cleaning. Don’t we soak our clothes? Similarly, we need to soak the makeup brushes too. This way the bristles will swell up and thus the dirt will automatically fall off.

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4. Try to use oil

Sometimes using detergents or soaps can dry out the bristles, so try to use oil-based cleansers to wash your makeup brushes. This will ensure that your brushes remain clean and conditioned post wash.

5. Consider the place


While washing the makeup brushes, make sure that you avoid the places below the ferrule. This will ensure that the brush bristles are well in place and don’t fall off.

6. Position while washing the brushes

Make sure that you wash the brushes only when they are upside down. This will ensure that any dust or dirt will pass off and fall down. Also, the brushes will retain their shape.

7. Work with your fingers

Ensure that you clean your beloved makeup brushes with your fingers. Any artificial or market cleanser can not suffice what your fingers can do. With strong hands, rub the makeup brushes in a different direction to ensure that there is no dirt anymore.

8. Dry the makeup brushes


Post washing, drying the makeup brushes is extremely important. So after you wash them off, let them air dry. Lay them flat on a dry towel so that it soaks up all the water.

9. Post drying treatment

Post drying your brushes, dab some drops of olive oil or almond oil to ensure that the bristles remain soft and conditioned.

10. Prevent any artificial fragrance


Many people would advise you to spray some preservatives or added fragrance over the cleaned makeup brushes. But it is always advisable to not spray anything. Artificial fragrances can damage the bristles of makeup brushes and lead to skin infections.

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