10 Ineffective Beauty Products That Are Not Worth the Money!

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With winters on full swing and favourite time of the year, Christmas and New Year, on its way, I am superexcited this time as I am going to spend this holiday season at mom’s place with my little one! I guess all of us at IMBB are big shopping freaks and when it comes to buying makeup and beauty products, we all get a little crazy. I always get swept away with the marketing gimmicks and end up buying stuff that I don’t need or use most of the times!
I’ve prepared a list of beauty and skin care products that are not worth the money we spend on them and some of them can be easily replicated at home. So let’s get started.

10 Ineffective and Worthless Beauty Products That Are Not Worth the Money-girl

1. Anti-cellulite creams and gels: Cellulite is a problem for most of us. The cellulite creams available in the market are quite expensive and can give you temporary relief. But they aren’t reliable for long-term benefits as there is no substitute for exercising and eating healthy!

10 Ineffective and Worthless Beauty Products That Are Not Worth the Money-cellulite

2. Lip plumpers: Again these products make your lips appear plump and fuller temporarily and the effect doesn’t even last a night. Better to use cinnamon and olive oil lip plumper that can be easily made at home by mixing cinnamon powder in olive oil and rubbing it on your lips.

3. Stretch marks creams: This is one another product that involves a lot of investments as you get a little quantity for the price you pay. Some of the stretch marks creams help in keeping the skin hydrated and stretch marks may fade a little bit. But there is no way that you can make them disappear altogether. I am sharing this from my personal experience during pregnancy.

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10 Ineffective and Worthless Beauty Products That Are Not Worth the Money-eyecream

4. Undereye creams for dark circles: It’s important that you keep your undereye area hydrated and moisturized. But that does not require you to spend money on these creams for dark circles. They really don’t help in your dark circles to move even a tad bit.

5. Facial mists: I am sure we all feel rejuvenated with a cold breeze of mist on our sweaty face during summers but you can easily avoid spending money on these cute mists. A splash of ice cold water or rose water can also do that cooling trick.

6. Foot creams: I don’t know how many of us have the patience to apply a different cream on our feet. The body lotion that we use for the rest of our body also contains the same ingredients and can be used to moisturize your feet. That’s what I also do!

7. High SPF products: Some of the skin care products claim to contain 100 SPF or so! These are exorbitantly expensive and do not provide any more protection than SPF 50. So please don’t waste money on buying extremely high SPF products.

10 Ineffective and Worthless Beauty Products That Are Not Worth the Money-shampoo

8. Hair growth products: Unless you have a balanced healthy diet, no hair growth product can show its magic and give you Rapunzel locks.

9. Expensive body scrubs: These scrubs can easily be replaced by natural products available at home like sugar, olive oil, green tea or baking soda. These can be mixed in different combinations and used to exfoliate your skin. These homemade scrubs work perfectly fine in cleaning dead skin.

10. Anti-dandruff shampoos: Dandruff shampoos provide short term relief but in turn make you scalp dry and your hair rough. You need to keep your scalp clean and visit a dermatologist to find out the type of dandruff and the cause.

So friends, these are some products that you can avoid buying and save a little money.

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