10 Interesting Ways to Use Your Beauty Blender

Today’s post is dedicated to the most innovative and truly magical makeup tool – “The Beauty Blender“. After the success and popularity of the original beauty blender, many makeup brands have launched their own versions of makeup sponges. A beauty blender is most commonly used for applying base makeup products. The fact of the matter is that if you have a beauty blender at your disposal, you only need very few other makeup tools. However, this incredible makeup sponge has multiple uses (and more!) that can help you to create a flawless makeup look. Let’s take a look at some of the lesser-known and interesting ways in which you can use your beauty blender.

Beauty blender interesting ways

1. To prevent your foundation from looking heavy and cakey: One of the most common problems that you’re likely to face with the application of foundation is that it ends up looking too cakey and heavy more often than not. Take a damp beauty blender and gently press it across your face, taking your time, until the cakey and heavy look of the foundation is blended away. It will provide your skin with a soft and natural finish.

10 Interesting Ways to Use Your Beauty Blender1

2. To set your concealer and prevent it from creasing: Apply your concealer and gently press it onto your skin using a damp beauty blender. It will allow the concealer to sink into your skin and will prevent it from breaking down and creasing throughout the day.

3. To contour your face naturally: Use the pointed end of your beauty blender sponge to contour your face for a precise yet natural application. The best way to avoid an unnatural and striped look of your contour product is to apply it with a damp beauty blender sponge.

10 Interesting Ways to Use Your Beauty Blender4

4. To highlight your cheekbones: To prevent your highlighter from looking chunky and glittery, and to allow it to give your cheekbones a natural and luminescent sheen, apply it with a damp beauty blender.

5. To apply face powder and set your base: Skip the fluffy powder brush as that might shift your foundation and concealer around. Press your face powder gently onto your skin with a beauty blender. It will help to set your makeup and will provide a natural finish as well.

10 Interesting Ways to Use Your Beauty Blender2

6. To blend out your blush for a natural look: Blend out the harsh edges of your blush by using a beauty blender. Go over your blush to take away the intensity of the colour if you think you have gone overboard with the application.

7. To apply your skincare products effectively: One of the best ways to apply your moisturiser, serum and toner to your face, without using your fingers, is by pressing the products in with your damp beauty blender.

8. To apply a face mask evenly: Don’t want goopy fingers by smearing face mask all over your hands? Apply your face mask evenly by using your beauty blender. Make sure to clean the beauty blender as soon as you’re done to prevent the face mask from drying up on it.

9. To touch up your roots with hair colour: An excellent way to use the pointed end of your beauty blender is to roughly touch up your roots with your hair colour. However, make sure to clean and sterilise your beauty blender else the hair colour will leave a permanent stain behind.

10. To apply nail colour for an ombre manicure: One of the most innovative ways in which you can use your makeup sponge is to give yourself an ombre manicure. Apply multiple colours to the flat end of your makeup sponge and press it onto your fingernails for a beautiful ombre look. But make sure to use a separate sponge for this purpose, which you won’t reuse on your face.

10 Interesting Ways to Use Your Beauty Blender

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