10 Lip Balm Hacks that You will Absolutely Love

By Chanchala Bose

Winter season is finally knocking on the doors, especially in Delhi. I can’t figure if it’s smog or actually fog. Anyway, lip balm is one of the winter essentials. But they are not meant just for yoru dry lips. They can do more than you imagine. Let’s take a look at 10 lip balm hacks.


When you catch common cold

In the upcoming winters, right when the season is changing all over India, cold and cough will become extremely common. In such cases, you end up rubbing your nose every now and then. This rubbing of nose can give you dry skin around the nose area. So, apply a little lip balm to get rid of this dry skin.

Fears of trying new footwear


Many of us are sceptical about trying new shoes. It is mostly because of the fear of shoe bites, cuts and blisters. So the next time you’re going to wear a new pair, rub your lip balm on all the areas where you can get shoe bites and blisters. Lip balm will keep your skin moisturised and protected.

A shaving tip

If you get dry and rough skin post-shaving then why not apply some lip balm beforehand? Those tin ones come in really handy for this purpose. This way, your skin will turn out to be super smooth and soft.

For nails


If you get dry nails or you see cuts all over your nail cuticles then this tip is for you. Apply a lip balm that is enriched with shea butter and beeswax and see your cuticles transform. They will become soft and moisturised like never before.

Fine hair

If fine hair is your concern then pay heed. Since fine hair has the tendency to develop more flyaways, grab a lip balm and apply lightly over your hair. This way, your hair will stay in place.

To remove hair color from the skin

You might love colouring your hair but some marks or spots here and there can be bad for your look. And removing the hair colour stain is not that easy. So, try to apply a bit of lip balm on that area and then try to remove the color. Trust me, this trick is very useful.

Brow gel

Why waste extra bucks on brow gels when you have lip balms? Apply lip balm especially the transparent one on your brows to keep those nasty hairs in place.

Eye cream

Did you know a lip balm can give the appearance of a healthier eye area? Just apply some lip balm around your eyes. This will moisturise the area and add an illuminated effect.

Blush and highlight


Transparent lip balms will give a beautiful sheen and dewy finish to your cheeks, hence they can easily work as a highlighter. And, the tinted lip balms can work as a rosy blush for your cheeks.

For injuries and cuts

Lip balms will instantly soothe and take care of your injuries and cuts. Just apply a little on everyday cuts when you do not have your first aid box around.

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