10 Makeup Dos and Don’ts

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As we all know that when we had started to use makeup, then none of us knew the perfect way and we made tons of mistakes in makeup application. But, then we learnt it, when we kept practising it. Here, I am up with some dos and don’ts with which you can stop making the mistakes in your makeup routine.

10 Makeup Do's and Don'ts

1. Moisturizer:

Moisturizer gives a smooth base to help the makeup stick to your face. It also helps to get rid of dry skin, which can make the makeup look cakey and fake. Oily skin people can skip this.

Do: Apply moisturizer softly in patting motion. Be gentle with your skin.
Don’t: Don’t rub the moisturiser on your skin very harshly. It would make your skin red and cause friction, which may lead to bad skin.

2. Primer:

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10 Makeup Do's and Don'ts 2

Many girls tend to skip this step, but this is the most important step in your makeup regimen. Primer actually helps to decrease the size of your pores and gives a smooth base to blend the makeup flawlessly. If you use a good primer, then it may also help you to blur out the imperfections for flawless makeup look.

Do: Apply the primer softly in circular motions or apply with a flat brush in downward strokes.
Don’t: Don’t rub the primer or don’t be harsh with the primer. Softness make a soft base for your makeup.

3. Choosing The Foundation Color:

Choosing the correct foundation color is very important.

Do: Choose the foundation color closest to your skin color.
Don’t: Don’t use light or dark colors than your skin tone, otherwise it may end up looking fake and made up.

4. Foundation Application:

10 Makeup Do's and Don'ts 03

Foundation is mainly to give even skin tone and hide minor imperfections.

Do: Always apply with foundation with either brush or damp sponge.
Don’t: Don’t apply the foundation with fingers because it may cause bacterial development and you may get acne. Also, the finger soaks up the product and you will not get the necessary coverage of the foundation.

5. Foundation Application on Neck:

Do: Always bring the foundation down to the neck because it is really important to match your face tone with your neck tone.
Don’t: If foundation is not applied on the neck, then it will look like you have a mask on your face and will look fake.

6. Concealor:

10 Makeup Do's and Don'ts 4

Concealor is a very important makeup item that every girl needs to have in their vanity.

Do: To apply a concealor under your eyes, make a V shape under your eye and then blend it with the brush or sponge. It will brighten up your face and will highlight the cheek area with glowey look.
Don’t: Don’t apply the concealer just under your eyes because it will look fake and could make your face look dull.

7. Finishing Powder:

Powder is really important to set your makeup as it gives the matte finish and makes the makeup long lasting and sweat free.

Do: Always apply the powder with big fluffy brush whether it is loose powder or pressed powder.
Don’t: Don’t use sponge or dense brush for powder application because you want a little powder to set up the foundation and concealer. The application with dense brush or sponge will make the makeup look chalky and fake.

8. Brows:

10 Makeup Do's and Don'ts 5

Most of the girls are not satisfied with their eye brows and to make a temporary changes, we can take help of makeup.

Do: Apply a tiny bit of brow powder, gel, stick or pencil, anything that you use to shape up your brows. You should always apply with light hand and in small strokes.
Don’t: Don’t just put the stencil and fill up the brows. Always follow your natural shape of the brows, if you want a little change use the darkest brown instead of black.

9. Eye Shadow:

Do: Always apply the eyeshadow in contrast i.e. , one light shade in contrast of the dark shade.
Don’t: Don’t apply both the dark colors at once, as it may look of too much makeup and it would not look appealing.

10. Blushes:

10 Makeup Do's and Don'ts 6

Do: Always go for light natural looking blush. Take the blush from apples of your cheeks to the temples.
Don’t: Don’t apply too much of blush, otherwise you may end up making yourself look like a clown.

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