9 Makeup Must-Haves for the Gym

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I’ve become obsessed with working out lately. I’ve started a diet, and I’m working really hard this time to shed all the extra pounds. The trainers at my gym aren’t very good and I don’t find them motivating. So I go at a time when there isn’t anyone (it makes me feel like I own the place :D). I follow the workout my trainer makes me follow back in college. I generally don’t like wearing makeup to the gym. If I already have makeup on, I leave it on, but if I don’t have it on, I don’t apply it. I know there are a lot of girls who like applying makeup to the gym, so here are a few tips for them.

10 Makeup Must-Haves for the Gym


gel based primer

When you plan to run, dance or do anything which breaks a sweat, start your makeup with a primer. It helps smooth out the surface so your makeup lasts longer and looks better. When you’re sweating, primer creates a barrier between your skin and your foundation, so it’s less likely to slide off. That way, you’ll only need a few touch-ups.


Keep your foundation oil-free; oil-based products will clog the pores and result to cakey look after the excessive sweat session. It can lead to excessive breakouts on the skin as your skin won’t be able to breathe.

Cheek and lip stain

lip and cheek stain

Don’t go for heavy duty lipsticks and blushes, try a stain instead. A stain is an ultra-lightweight product which gives color without clogging the pores, and you need to apply it with a light hand. It dries completely and leaves a nice color. When using this, the problem of hair getting stuck on your lip gloss is avoided. The Body Shop has a great collection of lip and cheek stain to pick from; be sure to pick one while you’re there.


If you decide to wear mascara to the gym then waterproof is your way to go. If you decide to wear anything other than waterproof, it will leave you with raccoon eyes. Also, if mascara enters your eyes, it will sting. So be careful next time if you have a waterproof mascara on. Keep a pack of baby wipes in case you end up with raccoon eyes.


oil free moisturiser

Just like your foundation, your moisturizer should be lightweight and oil-free. It will otherwise clog pores and result in breakouts. Also, using an oil-free moisturizer will hydrate your skin during the workout. You may opt for a tinted moisturizer rather than a foundation.

Cheeky glow

If you want something more prominent than a cheek stain, use a powder blush. A cream-based blush will clog pores and lead to breakouts (due to the sweating). Use blushes that contain zinc oxide and titanium dioxide as they make the formula naturally water-resistant.

Tinted sunscreen

tinted sunscreen

If you’re an outdoorsy person, use a tinted sunscreen. It not only protects you from harmful UV rays but also gives an even appearance. It will give you the appearance like a light coverage foundation.

Setting spray

Keep a setting spray handy – use it pre-workout and post-workout. It will help you set the makeup you have used and also help your skin cool down after the workout. It hydrates the dehydrated skin. I like to use Avene thermal spring water after my workout to hydrate my skin.


wet wipes

Keep them handy. If your makeup gets smudged, this can help you fix it. Not only that, it helps remove dirt and skin from your pores and keeps blemishes under control.

Avoid makeup

Keep in mind to avoid makeup unless absolutely necessary. It can help avoid unnecessary breakouts. I have such sweaty sessions, I cannot go without a bath after a workout.

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