The Mystic 10 Makeup Must Haves

The Mystic 10 Makeup Must Haves

It’s always been a mysterious and tasking job when women has to decide about his essentials, and picking the essentials which make her look beautiful is all the more confusing. I have always had the same problem about my make-up pocks, and I am sure that many of you too have the same problem.

We often settle with a particular lip gloss, kajol or eye liner and a deodorant in our hand bag, but there are more than a few essentials which we need to carry with us to keep the beauty touch on the roll. Here’s a whole list jotted for you and you can have your picks right away. MAC mineralize Satin FInish FOundation

The most basic essential and a must-have make up product is the foundation. No matter what your skin type is, be it oily, dry or a combo of both, a perfect foundation lays the base for a good make up. Hence, having a good foundation is very vital. Picking a foundation doesn’t mean you just have to consider the skin type, the skin tone is also very crucial.

Apply clean strokes at your jaw line to find your shade. You can opt for a no-show foundation. The best way of applying a foundation is to apply it with fingers post cleansing and moisturizing.

Recommendation: MAC Mineralize Satin Finish Foundation RImmel Concealer

After the foundation, it’s the concealer which is needed by almost all of us especially, those of us who have troubled skin with spots and marks. The dark circles just need the concealer so much. A concealer is the quickest technique of hiding those skin flaws. But, remember you must be careful on the applying it. The dark circles really need the concealer so before applying a concealer have a non-greasy eye cream under the eyes then dab the concealer with a finger allowing it to get absorbed and then blend it. Lighter strokes are the key.

Recommendation: Rimmel Recover Anti-Fatigue Concealer Blush

The Blush is next on the list. But be careful on the right shade for your skin. The blush should make you like you are blushing and not like you have actually applied a blush. Avoid the shimmer in the blush and stick to lighter shades. The blush should be applied at the apples (the section that sticks out with your smile) of the cheeks with a brush and not on the whole cheek.

Recommendation: Trish McEvoy Blush CLinique Mascara

Now that we have had the base done for our make up lets move to the eyes. The eyes with or without heavy make up must be highlighted. To begin with get an Eyelash Curler. And after curling your eyelashes get the mascara on it. The impact it creates is flawless. Never, curl those lashes after applying mascara.

Toss that old clumpy mascara you have. Get clump free mascara and apply it in a zigzag manner back and forth.

Recommendation: Clinique Long Pretty Lashes Mascara Lancome Le Crayon Khol EyeLiner

Eyes are sensitive, and need to be highlighted in the best possible. After nice mascara get a perfect glide on eyeliner which glides on without any pressure or tugging, and ensure it is labeled as ophthomalogist-tested.

Remember while lining the upper lash line, press a finger against your brow bone and pull the lid upwards slightly. “Dot” the liner across the tops of lashes with the other hand.

Recommendation: Lancome Le Crayon Khol Eyeliner shimmering eyeshadows

The very basic Eyeshadow, has the touch you need to highlight your eyes. Do not pick eyeshadows which barely show up, neither choose those which make you look like you are decked up for a rock concert. Pick an eyeshadow which is just a little darker than your skin shade a soft plum, light brown, gray or golden beige are few shades. Keep the skin tone in mind while picking an eyeshadow.

Always use a brush to apply the eyeshadow, most of us end up with our finger though. Sweep it across the lids and blend it into the creases. Have lighter strokes and not hard lines.

Recommendation: Victoria’s Secret Very Sexy Mosaic Eye Shadows NARS Multiple=

Now the allover Highlighter is needed. It lifts your brows and slims down your nose sculpting the cheeks. For maximum versatility pick a soft nude, pink or peach. For those who do not fall into that long slim nose category, the allover highlighter is the ultimate savior.

Recommendation: NARS Multiple Highlighter in Maldives nivea a kiss of shine

The Matt and the nude shades are an all time favorite for lipsticks. Browns and pinks are the favorite picks for most of us. Stick to them. They are an all season lip shades. But be careful if you have chapped lips. Nivea Kiss of Relief SOS Lip Balm could certainly help you with the chapped lips. Have a thick layer of Nivea Kiss of Relief SOS Lip Balm to bed for softer lips.

Recommendation: Bobbi Brown Nude Lipsticks

Now this is the list of all the essentials a women needs to set the right look for any season and occasion.

What are your 10 makeup must haves?

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31 thoughts on “The Mystic 10 Makeup Must Haves

  1. Most of those will be on everyone’s essentials list 🙂 I need to get an eyelash curler..I remember Rati’s poll/post on that one!

    1. No doubt Radhika,

      But we become very careless whilst picking them. For instance, the eyelash curler, I personally didn’t use it, but now I own one, 🙂 :inlove:

  2. My 10 makeup must haves are :

    1. concealer- as I use foundation only once a month and for special occasions. My fav is revlon age defying in medium.
    2. Brushes – for eyeshadow, eye liner, blush, bronzer
    3. Blush – most of the days I use just concealer and blush and just go out. My recent fav is Lakme peach affair.
    4. Lipstick – I can’t go out without these. For me the creamier, the best.
    5. Lip plumper – fantastic during the days where you wear just concealer and blush 🙂 . My fav is soap & glory one and the prestige.
    6. MAC paint pot – lovely on a makeup less days and also a great primer. it also even out my dark eyelids.
    7. Liquid/cream/gel eyeliner – fav is clinique and stila.
    8. Mascara – It really changes you eye looks even on makeup less face. My fav is rimmel and covergirl.
    9. Eyeshadow – I usually go for neutrals and have lots of brand. no favs.
    10. Lipgloss – I just use the NYX lipgloss and I adore them for retouching during travelling. I have this lipgloss and lip tint balms in my purse all the time.
    .-= Charan´s last blog ..Review : Covergirl Cheekers =-.

    1. wooooohoooo Charan,

      You have almost covered everything…. The clinique and stila are the best in the market I guess. :cyclops:

    1. Its essential Jomol, I mean if you have beautiful lashes, flaunt it!! 🙂

      and the highlighter is another vital pick and does wonders to you.

  3. Here is my top 10

    1. Mascara : Wear it every single day. Obsessed.
    2. Concealer : They are my best friend. MAC Studio Finish
    3. Nail paints: Have loads of them and love wearing them. Ga-ga over colorbar
    4. Foundation / Tints : Loving Lancome Teint Idol Silky Matte for these hot months.
    5. Lipsticks: Can have as many as I can. 😛 Most worn- MAC Cosmo
    6. MAC Paint Pot
    7. Basic eye shadows Maybelline Chai Latte
    8. Blushes and Bronzers. Again love colorbar and these days I am also addicted to Clinique quick blush.
    9. Brushes : So incomplete about them.
    10. Compact : Touchups!

    Loved the article. 🙂

  4. wow … m enjoying reading here n knowing u guys better as i joined now …
    my fav top 10 are-
    1. Tinted moisturizer… i use boots no 7 or ponds
    2. concealer is a must have … right now maybelline hope to get mac soon
    3. painterley paint pot
    4. margin blush by mac … love it
    5. 116 blush brush
    6. goldmine e/s
    7. zoomlash mascara
    8. urban decay’s eyeliner in ZERO
    9. nymphette lipglass by mac … love it and all the other ones too
    (but for this i must say u should have a color like this in ur bag )
    10. mac blot powder

    rati what moisturizer do u like for this season ???
    m looking for a daily moisturizer dont know which one to try ..
    love n liglosses

    1. nymphette lipglass is my favorite pick….underage lipglass and the c-through one’s are my favorite….which shade do you have Rashmi?? :kissed:

      1. hey zeeba
        i have nymphette which i love the most i use it over my girl abt town , russian red , sweetie n few more dark shades to tone them down
        n other then that right now i have pink poodle , lychee luxe n prrr…
        m expecting few lipglasses next month which includes the one from liberty of london, pret-a-papier n to the beach coll (i bought online from USA)
        hopefully by july end i will get all of them …
        which one do u love zeeba???

      2. ohh i saw u said underage n c-through…
        yeah its on my list for next time but m also looking for oyster girl … lets see which one gets my love first …

    2. Rashmi,

      I use Blossom Kochhar’s Almond moisturizing lotion . It’s a heavy duty moisturizer and it takes a little time to get absorbed in skin during summers. Infact, I am finding it a little greasy these days but I don’t mind that . Within a minute or two it gets absorbed completely and keeps my skin supple the entire day. It is really not meant for people with oily skin or even combination skin.

      I keep trying one or the other moisturizer every now and then but I keep coming back to this only.

      1. thanks rati …
        m also hunting for good moisturizer
        i use mac strobe cream for parties n evening outs but otherwise its heavy on pocket yaar …
        will try to find out the one u suggested…

        1. Yeah, i quite liked the strobe cream but i feel skincare stuff should not be that expensive that you start giving second thougts about repurchasing them…

          Let me know what you get your hands on. 🙂

  5. as i am just 15 i dont use faoundation,etc. on a daily basis so here is my top 5 makeup stuff for everyday ………. liquid liner: everyone says i like sleepy eyed without it[i use:eyetex dazzler eyeliner]
    2.kajal:same as above[i use shahanaz hussain herbal kajal]
    3.mascara:cant face the world without it :-)) :-)) [i use streetwear wonderlash now]
    4.lip-balm: nivea starshine lipbalm in strawberry. :-* :-* :-*

    lovely article…loved it!! i am also wanting a eyelash curler….. 😥 😥

    1. Thanks Fathima for complimenting my work.

      Well, since you are just 15 I love the make up you use. Suits your age, You need not go for heavy make up, but for the Kajol, try the Givenchy magic kajol, it’s thick and dark.

      And the lip balm, you can use the EL 18 , lip balm too.raspberry….my favorite.. :)..try it!! :yes:

  6. You pretty much covered all my must-haves! The only thing missing is my eyebrow kit which I carry everywhere (it’s a creepy obsession!)
    My beauty guilty pleasure is SHIMMERY BLUSH…I figure I have at least a year or two until I can pass those up so why not have some fun with it?
    Good job on the post!

  7. Nice article Zeeba. My list goes thus:

    1) Foundation – Max Factor Age Renew(Sand)- I use this occassionally or MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation on hot days.

    2) Tinted Moisturiser : I prefer just Ponds TM and a compact for touch ups on normal days.

    3) Eye makeup – I love to play with my eyes. So I own diff varieties of eye makeup – pencils, liquids,cream liners and also a good mascara.

    4) Lipsticks – I am more of a berry, nude, plum and warm peachy pink person.

    5) Kajal –

    6) Concealer – Colorbar concealer

    7) Nail Colours – I love to paint my nails and have a variety of shades. Love Revlon and Lotus as of now. Planning on some more from Inglot and Colorbar.

    8) Blush and Bronzer – MAC SunBasque and Lotus Tea Rose. I trust TBS for my bronzer collection.

    9) Highlighter – The Body Shop Shimmer Waves for brow bone as well cheek highlighting

    10) Eye Shadow – Shimmer Cubes from The Body Shop, Maybelline Quad for special occassions. I generally don’t use much of shadows on an everyday basis.

    1. nice article zeeba!
      mine are…
      eye lash curler elf and oriflame and a local dupe which works best actually)
      mascara cover girl lash blast,
      matte lipstick red carpet by playboy,
      concealer, colorbar
      frosty light brown eye shadow…..loreal trios
      liquid black EYE LINER(lotus herbals currently)
      compact avon
      scrub face wash always in my bag
      pore minimising toner(lotus herbals)
      and oil free moisture by nuetrogena(just great fro oily skin)

      actually more than ten :hypnotized:
      nail colors always

    2. glad you liked the post…. thanks a ton….the red carpet by playboy makes me go ma ma mia… 🙂
      and yea a scrub or a face :blush: wash is a must carry which I always tend to forget. 🙁

    3. Thanks Poornima for liking my post.
      The Max Factor collection is awesome, I mean they really make magic…. 🙂
      and the Body Shop Shimmer cubes Pallete 6 is also worth a pick


    4. Thanks Poornima for liking my post.
      The Max Factor collection is awesome, I mean they really make magic….
      and the Body Shop Shimmer cubes Pallete 6 is also worth a pick

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