10 Makeup Struggles That Every Beginner Can Relate To

Hi ladies,
In our perfect makeup world, your winged eyeliner is on fleek and your red lippie doesn’t smear or bleed, but hey, the world is not perfect and neither are your makeup skills! Here are a few little things every makeup beginner struggles with!

10 Makeup Struggles That Every Beginner Can Relate To

1. The not-so-perfect winged eye liner

winged eyeliner
Both of the wings will never look the same no matter what! Even that scotch tape and business card hack doesn’t work for you because you just can’t seem to keep your little hands steady.

2. Chipped nail polish

You spend hours in the salon to get that perfect manicure done and you notice a small chip on perfectly polished nails. What happens next? Well first you freak out and then you realize you can’t do anything about it wondering for the next week why bad things happen to good people!

3. Stark eyebrows

First of all you don’t even know which colour goes with the colour of your brows! And in case you have the perfect product for your brows, your drawing/filling skills give you the most unnatural looking eyebrows on the planet!

4. Straightening iron hassle

hair iron
Yes they are great to achieve those silky straight locks and there are many girls who manage to do that but not you dear! The most you have ever achieved on your own is straight locks at the front of your face and little red marks on your neck because you just can’t seem to get hold of hair from the back!

5. Contouring

What does contouring do? If it’s done right then it will make your face look sculpted. In the process of trying to achieve that Kim K look, I end up looking like a cheetah! And don’t even get me started on blending skills; dirt smeared face is how people would define it!

6. The dreaded eyelash curler

eyelash curler
So you have never used an eyelash curler in your life although you have one! You are just too afraid that you might pinch your eyelids together. You just look at that marvellous invention and say to yourself, “yes I will curl my eye lashes perfectly one day.”

7. Fake eyelashes – thank you but no thank you!

These are another piece of invention that has never caught your fancy because who wants to glue eyes shut and be temporarily blinded! Oh! You are so much better without them.

8. Smokey eyes – nah! panda eyes!

smokey eye
Oh dear lord! There are just 2 little eyes but so much can go wrong with them! Read raccoon eyes or in your case smokey eyes look like you have been punched in your eyes. All those YouTube tutorials make it look so easy, so why can’t I ever nail it?

9. What comes first?

What should I use first? A moisturiser or a sunscreen, concealer or foundation, blush or highlighter? What the hell is spray sunscreen? Am I supposed to just spray and leave it or massage it in? And if I do massage it, then won’t it remove my moisturizer when I will rub it in?

10. Blushing woes

“Hey! I think you apply blush on the apples of your cheeks; you don’t have to turn your cheeks into apples quite literally!” Yeah! I know, but why do I end up looking like a clown? Why can’t my blush look natural and give me a healthy flush on the cheeks? Is it too much to ask?

Tell me how many of them you can relate to?

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4 thoughts on “10 Makeup Struggles That Every Beginner Can Relate To

  1. well…I have not one but two eyelash curlers, and I hardly use any! To scared! And yes I intend to buy a third one 😛

  2. great post..and the picture of the girl applying blush was so funny that i couldn’t stop laughing..
    you r right can’t get both the wings equal..
    and i m also scared of eye lash curlers that i have not even bought them..hehe

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