10 Minutes to Soft, Smooth and Pretty Feet

Hello beauties! Hope you’re all doing okay. <3

Recently, I bought a few things mentioned below and I just had to share these steps with you for beautiful, smooth feet 😀 . At the end of this article, you’ll know how to get pretty feet in just 10 minutes, or as I say it – 10 minutes, beautiful feet in (sorry for the pj) 😛 . I bet many of you girls might already know about these steps and are maybe practising them too. But I just had to share it nevertheless. 🙂

10 Minutes to Soft Smooth and Pretty Feet

What You Need :

10 Minutes to Soft Smooth and Pretty Feet

10 Minutes to Soft Smooth and Pretty Feet

What To Do:

1) Firstly, fill a tub/bucket with hot water so that it softens even the hardest or hard skin.

2) Soak your feet in the water for 5 minutes (you can put bath salts or a moisturizing shower gel in the water).

3) After you’re done soaking your feet, take them out and wipe your legs with a soft cloth.

4) Apply the Peppermint cream on your dry, cracked heels, the ball of your foot and on the toes.

5) After applying the cream properly, take the pumice stone and start scrubbing (but not like a mad person 😛 ).

10 Minutes to Soft Smooth and Pretty Feet

6) Start scrubbing your heels first and as you notice the roughness fading, scrub the ball of the foot and inner toes now.

7) When you’re done, dip your leg in the bucket and repeat the same steps with the other leg. 🙂

8) We’re almost done now! After both your legs are soaked and cleaned, wipe your feet again with a soft cloth and apply a little amount of the Peppermint cream on your feet.

9) Cover your feet after applying the cream with socks and let them be.

10) Now you’re done! After you remove your socks, you’ll find your feet to be smooth, soft and pretty. 😀

This is great for people (like me) with callouses and dry cracked heels. It’s okay if you don’t have time to wear the socks because if you notice, your feet will already feel smooth and look pretty. 🙂

10 Minutes to Soft Smooth and Pretty Feet

Hope you try this out and it works for you as well as it did for me. 😀

Thanks for reading, take care. :*

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