10 Monsoon Must-Haves to Keep in Your Handbag

By Chanchala Bose

Hi dearies,

I am back with yet another post. Let us call this a ‘seasonal’ post. Yes, I am talking about our favorite season, monsoon. After long and dreaded summers, finally monsoons have hit India, and that too in an excellent way. So, here I am presenting you top ten monsoon essentials that you must carry in your handbag.

10 Monsoon Must-Haves to Keep in Your Handbag

Jelly Flats or Flip Flops

jelly sandals for monsoons

Monsoon is not the right time to flaunt your ballerinas or kitten heels. Everywhere around you, there will be either dirt, water or mud. So, better wear open footwear as they will prevent bacteria from breeding. I would advise you to keep a pair of sandals handy in your handbag. If you cannot wear jelly sandals in your office, you can always change and wear them while commuting.

A Stylish Umbrella

stylish umbrella

Gone are the days when carrying an umbrella used to look like an offbeat to your fashion sense. These days you get such quirky and fun umbrellas that you want to flaunt them. So buy one of them and get ready to enjoy the rains. You can easily get a portable umbrella so that it fits inside your handbag.

Wet Tissues

Did you know dirt is the most obvious reason why you get pimples? And, in monsoon, you can get loads of them. So, in order to keep your face clean, always keep a packet of wet tissues in your handbag. You can also use these tissues to keep your hands and feet clean in case you get drenched in the rain.

Creme Blush

cream blush YSL

A cream blush will add a nice, luminous look to your face. Since it gets humid during monsoon, most of us prefer to stay away from makeup. But, a cream blush can add color to your face even without any efforts.

Face wash

I know it might be a bit difficult to store a face wash in your handbag. But this is so important, girls. A face wash will keep your face clean and clear. It will also keep germs away which a lot of wet wipes cannot do. Opt for face washes with ingredients like neem, tulsi, salicylic acid etc.


Monsoons are synonymous with dirt and infections. These factors are not good for your skin and your health. So always keep a hand sanitizer in your bag and keep using it throughout the day.

A bottle of water

During monsoons, you should avoid drinking water from any public outlet. They are not at all good and thus you should completely avoid drinking water from any public booth. Always carry a bottle of filtered bottle and keep sipping it throughout the day. This habit will prevent you from all communicable diseases and will keep you hydrated.

Waterproof Kajal

waterproof kajal for monsoons

Kajal is a must-have makeup essential which you can easily use even during the monsoon season. If you do not like to apply makeup during monsoons, just your kajal will be sufficient. But, make sure you pick a long-wearing and waterproof kajal.

Waterproof and Transfer-Resistant Lipsticks

long lasting lipstick for monsoons

Yes girls, lipstick is a must-have too in monsoons. A nice lipstick can perk up your mood on gloomy days. So keep a few of your favourite shades in your handbag.


It is always a good idea to keep a fresh-smelling deodorant in your handbag. In monsoon, owing to humidity, you tend to sweat a lot which might lead to body odour. So, in order to stay fresh and smell good, keep one bottle in your bag.

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