10 Most Common Makeup Foundation Mistakes

Out of all the makeup stuff I have hoarded, I probably use foundation the most. Foundation helps me cover up uneven skin tone and also acne and blemishes. I rarely use a concealer as a foundation with medium coverage does the job for me. Out of all the makeup products, it’s a bit tricky to get a foundation which is really perfect for you.  Sometimes, the color may not match your skin tone, sometimes it may just be so cakey that you would dump it without giving a second thought, and sometimes it may break you out badly. I have tried a whole lot of foundations across different brands and have learnt from my mistakes, and my going to share with you tips and point out to you the 10 most common foundation mistakes that we all make and how to avoid them. Let’s start:

1. Testing the foundation on hands/wrists and jaw: This is probably what we all do. Taking off all the makeup at the counter to match the shade on the jaw seems a tedious one to me. Most of the times, we like to play the guessing game and pick up what we think looks a better match on our hands or let the SA make the decision.  Actually, matching the foundation on your jaw line is not enough, you should swatch it under your eyes and on your upper cheeks. For foundations costing a bomb, you better make sure it matches you perfectly.

2. Picking up the wrong formulation: Different formulations in foundations are available for different skin types. Picking up a hydrating moisturiser for an extremely oily skin type would not be prudent and buying a matte foundation for extremely dry skin will definitely not work for you. If you have acne-prone skin, check for tags such as “non comedogenic.” For mature skin, foundations with serum content is also available.

10 Most Common Makeup Foundation Mistakes

3. Applying concealer beneath the foundation: A lot of us do this, dabbing the concealer first and then following it up with foundation. When you blend in the foundation, the concealer would just fade away. The best thing to do is to apply your foundation first and then dab the concealer on your problem areas.


4. Not moisturizing the skin before foundation: Whether you have oily skin or dry skin, moisturize your skin prior to foundation. This way your skin wouldn’t look flaky and cakey. Sometimes, you can see foundation clinging and emphasizing dry patches on your face, proper moisturisation can solve this. Oily skin can pick up lightweight water-based moisturiser and dry skin can pick up a hydrating moisturiser.

5. Not blending the foundation properly: Spend time and effort to blend your foundation. Uneven application and improper blending will give you a blotchy apperance and will defeat the whole purpose of applying foundation in the first place.

10 Most Common Makeup Foundation Mistakes

6. Not removing foundation properly at the end of the day:  At the end of the day, make sure you are removing every bit of makeup and foundation off your face. Use a good makeup remover to clear all traces of foundation so that you are allowing your skin to breathe.  You would not want to wake up with bumps on your face obviously.

10 Most Common Makeup Foundation Mistakes

7. Using foundation as a concealer: I am guilty for this crime too. I used to do this previously, but now I have stopped this practice.  Layering on foundation to cover up acne scars, blemishes will give you that “made up” look. Less is more in case of foundation. If you want to cover up your flaws, pick up a high-defintion foundation like Makeup Forever HD Foundation.

8.  Testing and matching the foundation in artificial light:  Cosmetic stores have artificial lighting to make their products more attractive, but when you are planning to buy the foundation, ask for a sample, take it home and try it under natural lighting. If the store does not provide you with samples, ask them to apply it on your face and walk around and check it out in natural light to see whether it matches your skin tone the natural way.  You can save a lot of bucks by doing so.

10 Most Common Makeup Foundation Mistakes

9.  Buying foundation online:  You can probably buy every makeup item online, but not a foundation! It’s a sin to pick up foundation by guessing your shade through the shade dots/cards the brand displays online.  Pick a foundation after you have properly matched it up with your skin in a store.

10.  Not blending the foundation on the neck:  It’s better to avoid foundation if you are not going to blend it towards the neck.  In fact, I have read that whatever you apply on your face, you should apply on your neck also.  This holds true not only for makeup, but also for skin care.

What are your foundation tips, do comment below 🙂

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11 thoughts on “10 Most Common Makeup Foundation Mistakes

  1. After reading the article, i am happy i resisted the temptation to pick up EL light foundation online….though till today i was double minded, did i do right by skipping it or i missed a chance! 🙂

  2. I agree with all the points made jomo… A grt list to keep in mind while buying foundstions… SAs will always try to sell u anything.., but its ur hard earned money… Which has to be spent wisely… I always go with an unmade up face while trying out a new foundation…. And another point i wanted to add jomo…. Never Ever be shy or get intimidated by SAs…. If u cant make up ur mind then just walk out.

    1. Thanks for adding that bit Arpita *woot* …..I completely agree with you, as it is, foundations cost a bomb, it’s only wise to buy the one which matches you perfectly, I never go by SA’s recco. The SA at MAC had handed me a sample of studio fix which was at least 4 shades darker than my complexion. That day, I learnt never to rely on SA’s pick *headbang*

  3. awesome jomol.. *clap* *clap* I wll keep this in mind before shopping for foundation.. *happydance* *happydance* I usually test in hurry n nvr thought of waiting n trying on cheeks n under eye.. *headbang* need to save this list of tips.. *thankyou* *jai ho*

  4. i highly agree with u dear
    all points are damn true n have experienced them myself .

    ohhhh i loveee that shesido brush… its amazingg..

    and also i have noticed those so called ‘self adjusing’ makeup foundations are the worst.

    1. Khusbhooo….thanks *thankyou* *whistle* I love foundations but getting the wrong shade used to ruin it for me *headbang*

  5. Hello gals..I have been following dis blog from.quite some days….and since that time I never stop opening all the links DAT I get on Facebook….and it is a wonderful post……it came as a great help since I am buying one ….n:):):):) I have a small request to make…can someone plz help me with the correct way or procedure of applying foundation…..!!!!….and sometimes the foundation starts melting away and the skin (needless to say ) looks bad….!!!!..so it would he very helpful in guiding me with the correct procedure…and also recently one of the sales girl in a cosmetic store told DAT if one applies a cc or bb cream …foundation is nor needed….could someone plz help in DAT as well…

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