10 Must Do Things For Women with Curly Hair

Hello beautiful women,

How many of you are blessed with beautiful curls and still cannot be happy about it? Many of my friends have beautiful curls and they often complain a lot about it. I think bouncy curls look amazing. But, yes, the delicate tresses need maintenance. Caring for the curls properly is quite a challenge, but with love and attention, you can keep your curls happy all day long. Here are 10 must do things for women with curls.

10 Must Do Things For Women with Curly Hair

1. Know your curl type:

Curly hair is not JUST curly hair. There are so many types and variations of curls. Each one varies in texture, thickness and the way the hair is coiled. A single product can never take care of different types of curls. Also, the need of the curly hair varies according to the texture. While fine, delicate curls need products that help to increase the volumes; the tight, spiral curls need frizz protection. So, it is very important to know your curl pattern and choose hair-care product accordingly.

2. Trim your hair regularly:

Many women complain that curly hair grows slowly and so the length of the tresses never increases. For this reason, they tend to avoid a hair cut. This is one of the biggest hair care mistakes for any hair type. It helps to get rid of the split ends and maintain a healthy bounce. Choosing the right hair cut is also important. Talk to your hairstylist and consider your face shape, curl pattern, condition of your hair and lastly the length that you want to maintain before going for a cut. And it is better to avoid any experiment at home as it may lead to disastrous results.

3. Do not touch your hair too much:

Yes, we know how much you love your curls. No, you should not run your fingers across your hair every now and then. Many women tend to touch and scrunch the hair to add some texture. Touching your hair repeatedly actually steals away the natural oils, making the hair dull and dry. Over-scrunching can actually lead to breakage. Try to set your hair with hair care products and leave it as it is. If you cannot get over with the “hand-in-hair” syndrome, you can tie up your hair up to a bun or cover it up with a satin scarf.

4. Avoid over-cleansing:

It is important to keep the hair and scalp dirt and oil free, but at the same time, over-cleansing can lead to hair fall. Shampoos containing sulphate or alcohol can strip the hair of natural oils, making it dry and prone to breakage. Always try to avoid these chemicals when selecting your hair care products. A creamy cleanser with chemicals like panthenol and ceramide helps to maintain the moisture balance of the hair. Over scrubbing the hair can also damage the hair to a large extent. It tangles the hair at the root making it frizzy and breakage-prone. As scrubbing stimulates circulation, excess of it can actually make your scalp oily.

10 Must Do Things For Women with Curly Hair shampoos

5. Allow the hair to dry naturally:

If you use a heavy towel to rub your hair vigorously to get it dry, you can actually absorb excess moisture along with the water. Blot your hair lightly using the towel and allow the rest to dry naturally. Using a hair dryer everyday, even when you are not in a hurry is not a good idea at all as blow drying the hair would dehydrate the hair. When it is an absolute necessity, use minimum heat and a hair-protecting spray.

10 Must Do Things For Women with Curly Hair how to wash hair

6. Keep your hair sweat free:

Excess sweat makes the curls limp, flat and frizzy. It becomes impossible to style such hair. Try to keep the sweat away as much as possible. Trying up sweaty hair leads to accumulation of sweat, so instead keep it open and allow the sweat to dry up naturally.

10 Must Do Things For Women with Curly hair hairstyle

7. Comb your hair from end to roots:

If you start combing from the roots, the loose hair will keep accumulating as you move down and near the end, it will become impossible to move further and remove the tangled-up loose hair. So, always take small portions from the end, comb some portion and move up. This will help you to comb neatly and quickly.

Must Do Things For Women with Curly Hair

8. Choose the right hair brush:

Do not use a brush to comb and detangle your hair. A wide-toothed brush is best to detangle hair whilst still maintaining the curls. Use a fine-toothed brush while styling your hair, only when it is absolutely necessary.

9. Always use a silk pillowcase:

Hair gets all tangled up when we sleep and the problem is worst for women with curly hair. Use a silk pillowcase to prevent tangling as hair would slide smoothly over silk fiber. Also tie up your hair in a braid or bun to prevent hair from getting messed up.

10. Choose right hairstyles:

Choose the hairstyles that are meant for curly hair types. There are many options out there. Do not straighten your hair with heating tools to try out the styles meant for straight hair. There are many options out there for your hair type too! Learn to love your hair and opt for the right hairstyle based on occasion, time and mood. Curly twists, natural headband, half-up braid, crisscross top knot are some beautiful styles that you can opt for.

Never let anyone dull your curls! Let your curls rule the world. All the best!

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