10 Must-Have Candid Shots for Your Wedding

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Weddings are a social affair and you have hundreds of guests over. You have all kinds of pictures in your wedding album like the bride and groom sitting, bride and groom’s face from 100 different angles, and pictures of guests coming one by one on the stage. Most of these pictures just look the same. But it’s your day. Don’t we all want pictures that will mean a thousand words? Pictures that tell a story! Today’s wedding photos are all about personal touches and candid moments. So here is a list of few candid poses that you can capture and cherish forever.

bride posing

1. Groom lifting the bride
This pose is a little bold for Indian weddings, but this is your day. You can have all the happiness of this world; looking at a picture like this will surely make you smile.

bride and groom

2. A cute and tender kiss on the forehead
As they say, a kiss on the forehead means you are mine forever.

3. Bride and groom looking at each other and just smiling
Sometimes words are not required to convey feelings. This picture will prove that!

4. Hand-in-hand during any ceremony
Those mehndi-covered hands with bangles and your wedding ring are just an epic combination for a great photo.

bride getting ready

5. Bride getting ready
A picture could be taken when bride is getting ready or when she is looking in the mirror. It could bring back all the memories of your wedding day.

6. Bridal trousseau
The pictures of bride’s attire are just as important as the bride and groom. Agreed?

first dance

7. First dance
This is definitely inspired by western weddings. This picture could be taken when the bride and groom are dancing for the first time on the stage.

8. Bride and groom’s feet while taking a step
This picture will be a symbol of you both taking the first step into your new world.

9. Candid mood
It could be any random moment between the bride and groom that the photographer can capture.

bride and groom leaving

10. Bride and groom leaving
This picture can strike your emotional chords and remind you of all the love that you have for your family.

P.S. Hire a very good photographer.

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  1. Everything is fine…But the first point where it says lifting the bride might be just a dream for overweight people like me :biggrin:

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