10 Natural Ways to Keep Your Lips Luscious this Winter

For luscious and hydrated lips, it is extremely important to take care of them. The easiest way to keep your lips hydrated is drinking lots and lots of water. For your information, even the most expensive of expensive lipsticks or lip balms can make your lips dry after some time. Of course, dry and chapped lips can affect your smile and self-esteem. So, for this reason, here we have brought you a post regarding some natural alternatives of lip balm, that will aid to keep your lips luscious this winter.


1. Coconut oil:


Girls who are in love with coconut oil are the luckiest one! Applying coconut oil to your lips helps to keep them hydrated and relieves dry skin. Some women have the problem of itching skin, so for them using coconut oil in winter days is the best remedy. Not only in winter, but you can use coconut oil around the year. For chapped lips in winter days, you can apply coconut oil every night and observe the difference.

2. Vitamin E:

As known by all of us, human lips always require Vitamin E. Vitamin E contains an effective and powerful antioxidant, that helps to moisturize your lips, as well as keep them hydrated. For this, you can add few drops of vitamin E to your lip balm and then apply it.

4. Honey-sugar treatment:


You can use the honey sugar treatment to hydrate your lips in winter. Take two spoons of honey in a bowl and add few sugar crystals to it. Now scrub your lips with this mask and give a nice massage. You can also use an old toothbrush to get rid of flaky skin over lips. Repeat this twice a day to maintain moisturized, soft and hydrated lips.

5. Aloe Vera Gel:


You know, nothing can beat the soothing effect of Aloe Vera Gel on the skin. Right from making your skin glow, aloe vera gel helps in all good ways to us. You need to apply aloe Vera gel two times a day. Regular application of aloe vera gel on your lips. can help to keep them hydrated and succulent too.

6. Butter:


Ok, this comes from the old grand ma’s tips! If you have asked what made your granny look so young and beautiful even at old age, she would answer milk or butter. Due to various qualities in Butter, it helps to benefit the skin in several ways. One among it uses is, using them over lips. Applying butter every day on lips gives you soft, nourished lips.

7. Jojoba Oil:


Jojoba oil is one among that essential oil, that helps to lubricate the lips, as well as helps to eradicate the dry skin. Lips easily absorb jojoba oil which helps to soothe the lips as well as work effectively. You can apply jojoba oil every day on skin as well as lips.

8. Glycerin:

When you have nothing, you will probably have glycerin to apply. Due to essential fatty acids in the oil, it gets absorbed into the skin easily. Glycerin is natural skin moisture that helps to hold the moisture as well as keep them soft.

9. Beeswax:

Beeswax is a nonallergic skin softener, that moisturizes and nourishes the skin. It consists of anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial agents that guard and protects the skin. Although most of the lip balms now contain beeswax, applying them directly gives no harm to the skin.

10. Shea Butter:


Shea butter is now the new revolution in a beauty regime. Shea butter acts as a natural sunblock and it has allantoin, which is a healing agent. This is the best ingredient that can be used as a lip balm. It gives a soothing effect to the lips.

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