10 No Heat Methods To Curl Your Hair

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Many women stay away from using heat styling tools, fearing hair damage. But that does not mean that they cannot have beautiful, stylish hair. In this post, I will tell you guys about hair curling methods that will allow you to avoid the heat styling tools. The methods are easy and you can try them by yourself at home. If you want a hair makeover without damaging it at all, go through this post now.

10 No Heat Methods To Curl Your Hair

1. Scrunching:

This is the easiest and most convenient way of adding waves and volume to thin, sleek straight hair. After washing your hair with a volume-enhancing shampoo and conditioner, squeeze away the excess water. Next apply a wave-enhancing hairspray, mousse or gel to the damp hair and scrunch your hair upward. Keep scrunching till you gel the desired result. Set everything using a hairspray. This gives a perfect beachy wave to your hair within a very short time.

2. Curling Rods:

Curling rods have become the recent favourite among the girls who love curls. You have to spray some water to the hair and damp it a bit. Next, you will have to take sections of hair, comb it well and roll it up using the rubber rod. Once the rolling is complete, bend and fold up the rod, so that the hair stays intact. You can keep this for 2 to 6 hours depending on hair thickness and type of curl you want. Open the rods and allow the curls to fall, brush the hair gently and set the curls with a spray. This will give you the desired kind of curl and will stay in place for really long.

Curling Rods

3. Braiding:

Braiding your hair is another easy way of getting beautiful, curled hair. Dampen your hair a bit and make sections in your hair. 1-2 sections are ok if you want casual waves. You can go for 8-10 sections if you want prominent curls (and obviously if you have the patience to braid them all). Now braid the sections tightly. While a casual braid is ok for beginners, you can try French braid or Dutch braid to get some variation in the curl. Secure the braids with a rubber band in the end. Keep the hair braided for hours and if possible overnight. Open the braids to see beautiful, naturally curled hair.

4. Cocoon Curl:

If you are a Kangna Ranaut fan, you will love trying this curl. It gives really tight curls without using any curling rod or wand. You will have to twist and knot up your hair to form small cocoons. You can choose sections depending on the desired curl type. Keep this overnight and open up the cocoons to get flattering, curled hair. It won’t add much curl on the top but the rest of your hair will look puffy and curly. You will find the detailed step by step tutorial here in IMBB.

Cocoon Curls

5. Using Headband:

Using a headband allows you to get soft waves in the hair. You will have to dampen the hair and comb it well. Now, use an elastic headband that wraps all the way around the head. How you will have to twist the hair around the headband at the back. You can either wrap all the hair at a time or take thin sections and wrap them up. Open the band after few hours or next and allow the wavy hair to fall down on the back.

6. Pin Curl:

This is one of the oldest methods used to curl your hairs. You will have to air dry your shampooed hair before starting the process. Take fine sections of hair and side wrap the hair upwards till the root. Flatten the rolled hair against the scalp and secure it there using a bobby pin. Do this for all the sections and then wrap a scarf around the hair. Leave this overnight to get very natural curled hair next morning.

Pin Curls

7. Sock Bun:

If you want some wavy texture in your hair that looks breezy and natural, try the socks bun method. You can actually do the socks bun hairstyle one day and leave it overnight to get the wavy hairstyle for the next day. You will have to make a doughnut using an old sock and slip it around your high ponytail. Now allow the hair to fall over and around the doughnut. You can w use another rubber pin to secure the hair covering the doughnut. Wrap up the rest of the hair around the doughnut. This is a classic hairstyle. Next day as you open this, you get the girly, wavy hair.

8. Velcro Roller:

This is yet another old way of creating curly hair. Wrap and roll your hair up and around the Velcro rollers. They are cheap and easily available everywhere. Once the hair roll reaches the root, the Velcro gets secured on its own and you do not need any bobby pin for that. Leave it for a few hours and open the rollers. You can set the hair using hairspray.


9. Twist Bun:

This is another easy overnight process that anybody can try. Divide your hair into two sections by parting it midways. Now twist the hair sections outwards, away from each other. Twist it really tight and then twist the hair section around itself to form a high bun. Set the bun in place using a bobby pin. Open the buns on the next day to get wavy hair.

10. Paper Towel:

You can use paper towels, tissue rolls to get curled hair too. Divide the hair into multiple sections and wrap each of it around a piece of a paper towel that you can fold beforehand to form a thin roll. Wrap the hair in the middle of the paper till it reached the roots. Twist the paper ends securely it in place. Leave this overnight and you will get very defined curls in the next morning.

Paper Towel Curls

These methods work amazingly and do not damage the hair at all. However, you have to be patient as they do not work super quickly like the curling rods. Also, you should keep a hair setting spray handy as they make the curls last longer. Do let me know which one you are trying first!

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