10 Places Where You Should Be Applying Perfume

By Chanchala Bose

Hi IMBBians,

Perfume is the perfect accessory to enhance your personality. Your perfume collection forms a timeless accessory but did you know perfumes leave a lasting scent only if they’re applied at the right place? In today’s post, let me tell you about 10 different places on your body where you must start applying perfumes.


A fab place to apply perfume! If your hair is long then the scent will spread downwards and your entire hair will be smelling great.


Before wearing your footwear, apply perfume on the ankles. This will make sure that your feet are well scented throughout the day.

Belly button

Your belly button is the area from where the heat radiates and spreads throughout your body. Just dab some drops of perfume on your belly button and your body will emit light but pleasant scent throughout the day.

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Inside the elbows

This is a common spot to apply perfumes. This is because elbows are the point where you get maximum sweat. So, if you have a pleasant scent already there, then your bad odour will automatically get removed.

Behind your knees

This is a major pulse point. If you apply the perfume behind your knees then the scent will move as and when you move your legs. This way, the scent will travel with you and fill every room with your fragrance.

Upper thigh area

If you love wearing dresses then you might have observed how this place emits a peculiar smell during summers. So, better spray some perfume at this point. This will keep your thigh area well-fragranced.

At the tip of your hands

You must apply perfume at this area because you tend to touch everything with your hands. This way, every person and thing coming in contact with your touch will end up having your scent.

Topmost part of your ears

Applying perfume on the earlobes is pretty common. But have you ever thought about applying perfumes at the top most part of your ear? This is the soft part and is very gentle. So at this part, the skin is mostly dry. Apply a perfume to this part and see the difference.

On your accessories

Have you ever thought about applying perfumes on your accessories? Well, perfume is a strict no-no for girls with sensitive skin. Thus, if you apply perfume on your accessories then it will work the same way. So, how about applying perfumes on your necklace, finger rings, anklets and earrings?


Last but not the least, don’t forget to apply your perfume on your décolletage. Your décolletage is at the middle part of your body. So, with the heat of the cleavage area, your entire body will smell great.

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