10 Products To Get Rid of Skin Pigmentation

Pigmentation or hyperpigmentation of skin is caused when there is overproduction of skin’s pigment “melanin.” Hyperpigmentation can be caused or triggered by various factors such as overexposure to harmful rays of the sun, hereditary factor, underlying liver disease, hormonal imbalance, etc. Out of all the skin issues, hyperpigmentation is difficult to treat and more often than not, treatments to get rid of hyperpigmentation have long-term side effects.  For example, an effective ointment for hyperpigmentation that is usually prescribed by dermatologists and contains hydroquinone and tretinoin, makes skin very sensitive and if used over a protracted period of time would lead to discoloration and development of permanent blue-grey patch on the skin which would be impossible to get rid of. Hence, while choosing your treatments, make sure you consult your doctor first to find out whether it would be safe for you.  Here are some products that claim to get rid of pigmentation in a safe way without use of harsh chemicals, but consultation with doctor is always recommended.

1.  Shahnaz Husain Shawhite Pigmentation Lotion:

Price:  Rs. 500 for 200 ml.


A rare blend of extracts, its an effective de-pigmentation lotion, for the removal of blemishes ,dark patches and spots.  Maintains natural balances and removes dead epithelial cells, producing an even color tone and making skin fair and healthy.

2.  Jovees Ayurveda Anti Blemish Pigmentation Face Mask:

Price:  Rs. 195


This unique ayurvedic formulation contains precious herbal and botanical extracts that help to mitigate and remove blemishes, pigmentation, acne scars. A complete treatment which clarifies skin while helping prevent the appearance of future discolouration, leaving skin fresh and youthful.

3.  Nature’s Essence Neemaya De-Pigmentation Cream:

Price:  Rs. 75


Neem and papaya enriched this special cream helps in removing blockage and reinstating natural colour production and reducing pigmentation. Pigmentation and patches happen due to sun exposure, pre/post pregnancy or menopause in women and sun, age in men, leading to blockage in normal pigment production, causing unevenness and patches. Neemaya restores lost colour and evenness.

4.  VLCC De-pigmentation Facial Kit:

Price:  Rs. 120 for mini kit.


Does the de-pigmentation part very effectively, can see results within one use itself.

5.  Fab India Vitamin E De Pigmentation Cream:

Price:  Rs. 225

Fab India Depigmentation Cream

An intensive skin lightener and and natural de pigmentation treatment that evens out the skin tone. It hinders melanin production to prevent skin from darkening, removes age spots, blemishes and freckles.  Contains no harmful chemicals and is hydroquinone free.

6.  Uriage Depiderm Anti Brown Spots Intensive Depigmenting Cream:

Price:  Rs. 1850

Uriage Depigmentation Cream

This product has a depigmentation complex made of Nicotinamide, which acts on several levels of the pigmentation process. It encourages the elimination of dark spots by reducing their size and intensity. The exfoliating action of AHA boosts this performance.

7.  Dr. Reddy’s Strea C10 Pure Vitamin C Cream:

Price:  Rs. 1250


Completely removes crow’s feet, smooths skin and makes it even toned.  Removes pigmentation up to 90%.  Can be used as a primer, before foundation.  Does not contain preservatives, fragrances and sensitizers.

8.  Himalaya Bleminor Anti-Blemish Cream:

Price:  Rs. 90


Bleminor inhibits melanin synthesis and has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activities. Bleminor has tyrosinase-inhibitory activity without causing cytotoxicity. Due to its anti-inflammatory activity, Bleminor helps in the prevention of hyper pigmentation due to recurrent inflammation. Bleminor soothes and nourishes the skin and improves general skin health.

9.  Fade Out Extra Care Fade Cream – Day:

Price:  Rs. 687


A new and unique lightening cream that gently fades away unwanted age spots, freckles, uneven skin tone and other dark pigmentation patches.

10.  Homemade Vitamin C Serum:

If you are not sensitive to vitamin C, I would suggest you try this first.  All you need are some easily available ingredients and you can make your own vitamin C serum to get rid of uneven skin tone and pigmentation.  Just follow the instructions described in this post here.

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11 thoughts on “10 Products To Get Rid of Skin Pigmentation

  1. clinique’s ‘even better dark spot corrector’ also works well though its on the higher side as far as cost is concerned *cry* but works for me 🙂 🙂

  2. Thanks Jomol for the post *thankyou* ..i like the Fab India Vitamin E De Pigmentation Cream..but holding back as i ve a combi skin..

  3. Hello beautiful ladies, Can somebody tell mehow can I get off the dark patches that I have formed in my neck…. I am in my early 30…. Also…jus want to make sure that my daughter doesnt form these patches at all…. Preventative..

    1. For dark patches on neck…u can use d petals of desi rose..wwhich u can find anywhere….crush the petals of rose on hand n apply d liquid on face…follow this continously the marks will definitely vanish..

  4. I have pigmentation on my face dye to hormonal changes.. had hysterectomy done.. Wat can I use to remove this marks.. Thanks in advance…

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