10 Routine Habits That Damage Your Eyesight

Eyes are not only beautiful, but immensely precious. We don’t realize the worth of perfect eyesight and just stick with whatever we find easy peasy in our routine till we have to add specs to our beautiful face (I did and regretting does nothing to solve the issue). Anyway, the article is about some basic mistakes and how to avoid them. For now, I won’t go into the depth of issue and stick with the basics; I will do it some other time as I have had a Lazik four years back and suffered regression in eyesight later on.

10 Routine Habits That Damage Your Eyesight

Staring At Electronic Gadgets’ Screens Continuously

10 Routine Habits That Damage Your Eyesight4

How easy is it to watch your favourite movie on laptop with full control and without breaks or check out all the social media websites and IMBB on mobile phone screens just lying on bed! In reality, you are doing unimaginable damage to your eyes by watching all such screens from a close proximity and reading smaller fonts with closer focus (stressing your eyes).

Before the ophthalmologist subscribes you a spec number, please shift to HDMI cables and watch movies on television screen with the same control and enjoy the effects and bright colors of the movie while keeping your eyes safe. Also, have mercy on yourself and use laptop and desktop monitors for browsing and reading internet content.

Eating Junk Food and Avoiding Bright Colored Foods

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Fruits and vegetables that display bright and vibrant colors to your eyes are rich in antioxidants and vitamins. I read in a book “Super fruits” that all yellow coloured foods are rich in nutrients that make Vitamin A in the body. Mangoes, oranges, bell peppers, berries, sweet potatoes, broccoli, guavas, pumpkins are to name a few. Make them your best friends. So, the next time you have a hunger pang, grab a cucumber or carrot over french fries or chocolates for the sake of your eyes, weight and overall health. Even my 16 months old niece prefers fruits and cucumbers over any other kind of chips and chocolates.


10 Routine Habits That Damage Your Eyesight5

Women from South Asia rarely smoke, but some might do! Try quitting this worst habit on priority as soon as possible. Smoking is damaging you in every possible way. The chemicals like carbon monoxide in cigarettes and other nicotine products affect proper blood circulation which results in irreversible damage to eyes.

Ignoring Sunglasses While Stepping In The Sun

10 Routine Habits That Damage Your Eyesight2

We all wear sunscreens religiously to protect our skin from UV rays. But, what about our eyes? The harmful UV rays not only cause the area around eyes to age faster, but might cause some eye diseases and affect your perfect vision too. To avoid it, always invest in a nice pair of shades that not only looks smart, but comes with UV rays protection too. No matter if it’s cloudy or a sunny day, make a permanent slot for these sunglasses in your car, purse or wherever you can grab them surely.

Insufficient Sleep

If you are facing insomnia, see a doctor. If you have got a lot of responsibilities and chores to do, manage your schedule. But, get proper and sufficient sleep for the sake of your health, life and eyes. Improper or insufficient sleep leaves you with puffy eyes and dark circles, blurred vision and lesser energy and alertness.

Inadequate sleep causes popped blood vessels, dark circles, eye bags, dry eyes and eye spasm issues. Side by side, lack of sleep also affects your overall efficiency at work and a large proportion of road accidents are credited to insufficient sleep too. If you are having sleep deprivation for any reason, use a proper mild sedative prescribed by a registered physician for some time.

Reading In A Moving Vehicle

Reading in an uneasy situation of a moving vehicle is not the solution to a happy and entertained journey. While this phenomena causes nausea in some people, your eyes end up getting more stressed and blurred while trying to keep you occupied during long journeys. If you can focus properly, go ahead; else, find an alternative to keep busy as your eyes need to focus on words while reading which is difficult in changing locations every micro second.

Watching Television While Lying Down

10 Routine Habits That Damage Your Eyesight1

Feels really convenient to be back from work and grab a pizza or your favourite snack, lying in front of the television (and worst laptop) on bed and watching lots of shows, huh? We cause damage to ourselves with our own habits. This focuses your eyes to an odd angle and deteriorates eye sight for sure at a rapid speed.

I realize we are very tired when we get back from work and want to just throw ourselves on bed, but since I have suffered deteriorated vision even after Lazik, I will request to avoid this practice. Invest in a comfortable chair or couch for the purpose and save what is priceless – your eyesight.

Staring Without Blinking

Engrossed in work and forgot to blink? I used to do the same. It’s really common to stare continuously out of our engrossment in any work be it a video game or an excel file. But, there is a simple formula – 20-20-20. Yeah! Look 20 feet away for 20 seconds every 20 minutes to preserve your vision. So simple it is to avoid dry eyes, itching in eyes, blurred vision or deteriorated eyesight! Also, make it a habit of keeping a pack of ‘Artificial tears’ to hydrate and lubricate your eyes. So many variants are available in the market and these are safe to be used by anyone to overcome dry eyes. Make it a habit to follow blinking ’20-20-20′ rule and the eye lubricants.

Improper Or Inadequate Lighting

10 Routine Habits That Damage Your Eyesight4

Book reading is a great habit, but if you are doing so in inadequate lighting, you are more likely to damage your eyes than illuminating your brain with knowledge. This habit leads to addition of specs on pretty faces! Please ensure proper lighting on pages and that again, emerging from your left side or back side (not front or right side) and enjoy the book.

Ignoring The Fact That You Are Squinting

If you are squinting yet ignoring it and struggling, that means you are looking at the object too close or too small in size especially when it comes to the font size. Squinting distorts the shape of the eye pupil and damages your eyes in the long term. Fix the object, book or screen at a proper distance and adjust fonts to the comfort level to have mercy on your eyes.

I hope the article helps most of you to preserve eyesight. Thanks for reading my article beauties. Ciao!

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  1. Thanks for this post Sumera. Just realised how much we stress our eyes. Gonna sleep early from tonight. 🙂

  2. I have Myopia (-_-)
    and that “lying and watching TV” and junk food wala thing is also true..in my case 😛

  3. Hi sumera,
    I also had got Lasik done and suffered from ectasia 4 yrs later. Is it ectasia for u too? Plz take care not to rub ur eyes whoever is having d same issue. it will further damage d cornea. Cod liver oil capsules r also great for eyesight.

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