10 Secrets for Beautiful Smooth Skin

We all love smooth, poreless and beautiful skin. But at times, our skin looks dull and tired even when we follow the best skin care routine. In today’s post, I will tell you about 10 secrets that will help you to maintain beautiful skin all the time.

Simple Everyday Measures for Smooth Skin

1. Drink Orange Juice

Orange is an amazing source of Vitamin C which is great for your skin. Add orange juice to your everyday diet to see wonderful changes in the skin. It purifies the skin and makes it glow. It helps to maintain smooth, youthful skin for long.

2. Apply Aloe Vera Gel Everyday

Applying aloe vera gel everyday can change your skin care routine completely. It removes dead cells, refines pores, clears acne, reduces blemishes and maintains the moisture balance. You can use freshly extracted gel from the leaves and also can opt for store-bought ones.

3. Use Mild Exfoliants

Using exfoliants is important as it removes the dead skin and reveals the fresh skin from beneath. But, it is not a smart idea to use scrubs with harsh granules as that can damage the skin. Use mild scrubs if you use them daily. You can also use chemical exfoliants that work amazingly without being harsh on skin.

4. Do not Touch the Face

When you touch the face repeatedly, you expose the skin to dirt and bacteria. Also, the facial skin is very sensitive and this habit can make the skin irritated and lead to breakouts. When you stop doing this, the skin feels softer and also secretes less oil.

5. Remove Oil with Oil

It is always important to remove the excess sebum form the face. At the same time, you must not use a harsh cleanser that leaves the face dry. Using a oil based cleanser is a great solution for this issue. It cleanses the face and remove the sebum without making the face dry. Pick one for your skin type and your skin will remain clean, soft and supple forever.

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6. Choose Cosmetics Wisely

Just like your skin care products; your cosmetics also affect the skin a lot. Try to use the products that suit you the best. Check the ingredients and never buy anything that contains ingredients which you are allergic to. For everyday use, try to buy mild makeup products. You will find many serum foundations, tinted sunscreens, colored lip balms and herbal kajal in the market. Pick them for everyday use and your skin will be able to breathe happily.

7. Change Moisturizers in Every season

Moisturizers vary according to the skin type. But whatever the skin type is, the moisturizer vary according to season too. Something a dry skinned woman applies in the summer is probably something that a oily skinned woman needs in the winter. Try to understand the amount of moisture your skin needs in each season and pick a product accordingly.

8. Avoid Steaming the Face for Long

Many women steam the face to open up the pores and remove blackheads. But doing this frequently and often can damage the skin. It can strip off the moisture from the skin and make it dry and dull. Do it once in two weeks and do not use expose the face directly to excessive heat.

9. Take Multivitamins

We all try to fulfill our daily calorie goals and try to maintain the protein, fat and carb balance. But the micro nutrients need is often unfulfilled and this affects our skin. To replenish the need, you can try some multivitamin. You can consult to your physician and have these pills to get healthy and beautiful skin.

10. Avoid Smoking, Drinking and Eating Junks

What goes in your body shows up on the skin. Alcohol, cigarettes and junk food can damage the skin completely. When you cut them out of your diet, you will see visible change in your face. Also, avoid salty food and too much sugar. Once you remove these from the diet, your skin becomes clear and smooth. Reducing dairy intake can also reduce your risks of breakout. Eat healthy and you will get healthy skin without any extra effort.

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