10 Shower Mistakes You Should Avoid

By Shibri Kandhari

This is something we do regularly but still there is possibility that there are few things you have been doing wrong all along. Read out to find…

10 Shower Mistakes You Should Avoid

1. Entering Into Shower With Tangled Hair:

10 Shower Mistakes You Should Avoid

Don’t enter in the shower with already messed up or tangled hair as they are more prone to damage while washing. Always take time to comb & detangle your hair a with wide tooth comb beforehand. If there is time, you can also spare few minutes to massage some oil in your hair before heading to shower.

2. Using Harsh Soap:
Harsh soap will strip your body of all its natural oil leaving it dry & scratchy. Moisturizing soaps with glycerin or vegetable oil as a base are the best bet.

3. Using Steaming Hot Water:
Though hot showers feel extremely relaxing, but water which is too hot is not good for your skin & hair. Use lukewarm water instead. Also, it is wise to have a final rinse with cool water to close the open pores.

4. Shampooing More Than Once:

10 Shower Mistakes You Should Avoid

You don’t need to shampoo your hair twice unless you have oiled your hair or you were exposed to too much dust. Rinse & Repeat is not advisable for daily basis, second round of shampoo strip away all the moisture and natural oil from hair making them extremely dry & lifeless.

5. Not Using Conditioner:
Skipping conditioner is not a good idea at all. Shampooing makes your hair dry so, you need to condition them every time you wash you them. After shampooing, take a coin sized amount of conditioner and apply to the end of the strands only.

6. Using Plastic Loofah:
Scrubbing is an integral part of shower as it improves the blood circulation & helps to get rid of dead skin. Using a Loofah made out of plastic is not a good choice at all. They do nothing to improve the texture of skin. Try using a wooden loofah and see the difference. Wooden loofah will add incredible shine to your body making it look smooth and flawless.

7. Ignoring Your Feet:

10 Shower Mistakes You Should Avoid

Most of us have a tendency to forget cleaning our feet while being busy taking care of rest of the body. Use a pumice stone or foot file on damp heels to get rid of dead skin. If you don’t have much time, run lukewarm water on your feet directly from tap after applying a bit of a moisturizing body wash.

8. Not Rinsing Properly:

10 Shower Mistakes You Should Avoid

Another most common mistake we do is not getting rid of residue products. We apply multiple products in single shower so it is very important to remove all residues in the final rinse. Before leaving your bathroom, make sure no conditioner is left on you navel or no soap remains on body.

9. Not Moisturizing Your Body:

10 Shower Mistakes You Should Avoid

Using soaps & body washes makes skin dry. It is very important to apply moisturizer immediately after a bath. Make sure to apply moisturizer on damp skin ,that too within 5-10 minutes of shower for best results.

10. Using One Towel For Entire Body:

10 Shower Mistakes You Should Avoid

Using same towel for body, face and hair is a big no-no. You should use three different towels; one for face, one for hair & one for the rest of the body. If not possible, at least have different towels for your face to avoid pimples & acne. It is not wise to use a towel on your face which you just used on your hair especially if you are suffering from dandruff.

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5 thoughts on “10 Shower Mistakes You Should Avoid

  1. Great post Garima (Y)..
    I do follow most of the points except 6 & 7, So I need focus more on Pt. 7

    Thanks so much for sahring these tips.

  2. Except 7, i follow all others.
    about 6, well, skin has its ability to shed the dead cells so i don’t prefer nor advice people to use loofah of anykind for “removing dead cells”.
    Even if you don’t use a loofah, your skin would get rid of dead cells on its own.
    only purpose of loofah is to give us a relaxing feel and a mental satisfaction.

    Anyways, each to his own. 🙂

    Rest article was nice.

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