10 Signs to Tell You That It’s Time to Chop Your Nails Short!

Hello fashionistas,

Today’s post is about one of our best assets of beauty and femininity- our nails. We all love flaunting our long and well groomed nails, don’t we? Let’s face it…we can even spend long hours at a stretch staring at those insanely perfect nail art pictures, DIYs and techniques on Instagram and Pinterest. But when nails grow too long, they invite problems.

long nails

Here are a few signs to tell you that it is time to chopyour nails short…

1. They break too often. It is indeed a pain to see a broken or chipped nail. But if your nails break too often, give them a break.

broken nails

2. Typing or typos?The text that was supposed to take 15 seconds of typing, now takes longer because you keep rectifying errors and then creating even more. Worse still, you end up sending an embarrassing text.


3. You scratch yourself. You surely do not want to keep hurting yourself just because you love long fingernails. If you find yourself cursing your long nails because you keep scratching your own face, it is time that your trim your nails.

4. Your manicure doesn’t last. You just spent a lot of time and money in the parlor getting the perfect manicure but then you have a hard time keeping it? Well, manicures and nail paints last longer on shorter nails than on longer ones.

5. Shelter to germs. You often find food, creams and dirt getting stuck underneath those long nails? It is a potential invitation to diseases. If you are having a hard time keeping your nails clean, you should rather chop them short.

6. Wearing false lashes becomes a big deal.

false lashes

7. Wearing or removing contact lenses are real tasks. The very thought of poking yourself in the eyes gives you shivers, right?

contact lens

8. Writing becomes much more difficult. You can no longer write with the same pace and comfort as you used to with shorter nails, because once again you end up hurting yourself! Gripping seems so much bothersome.

9. Your favorite pair of heels now hurt. Peep toe and pointed toe heels take a back seat in your shoe-drobe, because your long toenails make walking in them so much more difficult.

10. Life becomes a lot harder. Long nails just tend to complicate your usually simple daily life like- taking off your seatbelt, wearing your waist belt, typing, doing laundry, cooking, switching between channels with your television remote… and the list goes on.

healthy nails

So why not just do yourself a favor and trim your nails? Short and medium length nails can be really trendy too with life becoming a lot simpler. Give it a go!

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  1. I like keeping my nails long and have faced a few of these problems. Of all point five is important, to keep your nails always clean… Nice article????????????????

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