10 Simple Foods to Have Post-Workout

When we workout, our body breaks down muscle glycogen and protein structure of muscles.It is important after workout to replenish energy sources in the body and also to generate new muscle growth.Hence, post workout meal must contain carbs for insulin release and also protein for building muscle.It is essential we take our post workout meal within 60 minutes of exercising which is when the body benefits the most out of it.To avoid any delays, we can use these simple quick meals and food items post workout. Take a look and choose any one next time you hit the gym:

Dry fruits and nuts:

Dry fruits are easy to carry and are the quickest snack after your workout, giving your carbs and protein. Keep them in the gym bag for easy access, but remember have only a handful.These are rich in carbs and fats which means it will take longer for you to digest them.


Grilled chicken is a great choice post workout when the body is in recovery mode.This nutrient-dense meal is rich in lean protein with carbs, this will be filling as well as nutritive after the workout. Try tossing mixed veggies with your stir fry.


Oatmeal is your best friend when it comes to workouts.These release sugar into the blood stream gradually and the fibres have multiple benefits for your metabolism too.Have them flavored as they come in one time packs these days in kesar, raisin, apple strawberry, avoid adding sugar. Add a fruit for some more hydration and fiber into the body.



These are packed with potassium which helps in nerve and muscle function.A medium banana with some Greek yogurt is a great idea to have post workout.

Greek yogurt:

This yogurt tastes delicious and it has been strained into a creamy texture, to remove whey and lactose.This has got double the protein of regular yogurt, half the carbs and half the sodium too.Need I say more? Add very little nuts to the yogurt for a perfect combo.


Sweet potatoes:

Sweet potatoes restore the glycogen levels which get depleted after a workout. Sweet potatoes are just right to restore those, since these are packed with complex carbs. These make for an ideal choice, have them boiled but avoid the sugared syrup Indian style version 😛


Salmon is rich in protein and omega-3, you can add some mashed potatoes to the meal too. You could try tuna if salmon is not available.

Egg whites:

The protein in egg is the most readily utilizable protein for our body. This protein is best for our body growth.Try adding some spinach to your egg white for a power packed combo.

Fruit smoothie:

This is  any-time friendly and also can be customized but mixing up slices of your favorite fruit. You may add granola and Greek yogurt for the same.

People who sweat a lot may need to drink more. You can have 8 ounces of water within 30 minutes of workout. It also depends on age, gender, how much you exercise and body built too.


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