10 Summer-Fashion Mistakes to Avoid

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There is so much that can go wrong with summer clothing items and you can definitely put in a little effort before dressing to avoid any fashion mistakes. Let’s find out which these fashion mistakes are and how you can avoid them.
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Flip-flops everywhere:

flip flops
Flip-flops are very tempting in the hot weather and so very casual! Swapping all our footwear for colourful flip-flops is quite a common sight but one can definitely put in a little thought while choosing the right kind of footwear to go with those cute summer outfits. Try to mix and match things and you can definitely get numerous when it comes to flats apart from flip-flops like slip-ons, sandals, flat gladiators or ballerinas.

Wearing 3/4 length shorts:

quarter pants
They make your legs looks shorter in comparison, isn’t this reason enough not to wear them. Your shorts should always finish on or just above your knee cap and not below it.

Wearing sheer clothes:

Sheer tops are a recipe for disaster if not worn well! Always go for a camisole or bandeau in complimentary colours with your sheer tops to avoid any unnecessary glares and wrong kind of attention from strangers.

Wearing the wrong bra:

wrong color bra
Those cute tank tops and halter neck tops are not at all forgiving on your bust area. So it becomes all the more important to wear a right bra that not only provides excellent support but also doesn’t show any straps.

Wearing thicker fabrics:

Opt for natural and flowy fabrics and stay away from those thicker fabrics that don’t let your skin breathe. They might give you heat rashes too.

Too many colours:

too many colors
Just because it is sunny outside doesn’t mean that you have to dress up in all primary colours. Incorporating too many colours looks really bad especially during summer time. This summer it is all about understated and neutral colour palettes and few bold colour splashes here and there.

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Too many accessories

This goes for all seasons, too many cooks spoil the broth and in this case your whole outfit! It is quite easy to go overboard with your accessories during summer time but you should always remember that 1 or 2 statement jewellery pieces are enough to complete your look.

Wrong Size:

tight shirt
Clothes that are too tight or too loose do nothing to accentuate our body frame. In summers, we mostly wear thinner fabrics in single layers and if we don’t wear them well then it looks really bad and unflattering. Even if you are going for oversized clothes then at least make them look a bit structured.

Visible panty lines:

Oh they just look tacky and cringe worthy. If you will be wearing something that is too tight below your waist then please do wear seamless underwear and you can also invest in high waisted shape wear for a seamless finish.

Carrying sweat stains around:

We are human and we all sweat and some of us just sweat a bit more than others. This is one of the most common mistakes that we see around summertime when you are wearing a top or a shirt in lighter hues and one can see sweat stains all around and under the under-arm area. It looks so unflattering. Never ever forget to wear roll on deodorants or you can also go for sweat pads.

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