10 Superb Benefits of a Morning Workout

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We all are busy, juggling personal and professional lives, and still we manage to look pretty. In the little time we get, we follow our workout and fitness routine, be it early morning, evening, or maybe even before lunch time. But in this post, I will share with you 10 reasons why morning workout is the most beneficial for our body and I am sure, after reading this, we all will try to schedule our mornings so as to squeeze in the exercise and fitness regime.


1. Consistency matters
Research says that more than 90% of those who exercise in the morning are consistent with their workout regimen and goals. Odds are in your favor if exercising in the morning is something you follow religiously.

2. Hormonal heat
In early morning, crucial hormone levels like that of testosterone which aid in building muscle mass are elevated in the body. So you can take advantage of these naturally circulating hormones when they are at their peak, rather than dipping levels as the hours roll by.

3. Kick start your metabolism
A 30-minute jog or an hour of yogasanas surely kicks your engine and gives you a metabolism ‘high’. Plus, you are likely to burn more calories throughout the day, reason enough to not hit the ‘snooze button’.

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4. Mood lifting
Workouts release endorphins, the feel good hormones that can cure any Monday morning blues. So with a workout of sufficient intensity and duration, you are likely to be less irritable and anxious.

5. Increased concentration
A bout of exercise makes your body more aroused. So you don’t feel lazy or lethargic, and the greater oxygen circulation in your body stimulates your mind. As a result, you will be more focused and less prone to distractions.

6. Curbs your appetite
Workout in the morning enables you to make healthy food choices, so you will find yourself reaching for protein loaded snacks instead of doughnuts. Plus, it gives you a great reason to have a heavy breakfast. Take note breakfast haters!


7. Time management
Surely, with some extra time in hand and a zealous body, you can feel relaxed about your other chores. You have absolutely nothing to dread, and things will fall in place. You may even complete tasks you have procrastinated since long.

8. Social life peaks up
You may make new friends in the park or at your aerobics class, and the camaraderie will blossom soon. With you feeling less hectic about your impending day, chances are that you will have more fruitful interaction.

9. Post-workout glow
I am sure, this might be the reason we all are ready to put on our sneakers at 6 a.m. The healthy flush after a sweaty session will give you the natural glow even without makeup!

10. Happy hair
If you wash your hair after a workout, it becomes all the more shinier! Or try cool braided updos or messy buns for the days you don’t wash your hair. Happy hair days are here to stay.


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