10 Surprising Facts about Lipsticks

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How are you all? There is a quote, “Give a woman the right lipstick and she can conquer the world”. This one sentence is enough to predict the exigency of lipsticks in our lives. We admire lipsticks in such a way that we can never get tired of talking about lipsticks. There exist some brow-raising facts about lipsticks, which I am going to share in this post. Have a look below to know about these surprising facts.

woman aaplying red lipstick

1. The weird perception

Well…this one is really weird to talk about. You might feel awkward to know that there was a time when wearing a lipstick (probably the bold one) meant you were a prostitute. As per the historical facts of ancient Greece, there was a rule in the country according to which the professed prostitutes were required to wear lipsticks to get indentified.

2. A weapon to kill

Beauty can be baleful! You might have heard the term “Kiss of Death”? This term was derived from the fact that lipsticks were used to be made from poisonous ingredients in order to proceed the assassination of a person.

matte lip crayons

3. Inclusion of crushed bugs

It is popularly known that some selected bugs (probably beetles and cochineal) in the crushed form are added in color dyes, but it is revealed that the same stuff is mixed in lipsticks too. This is because these crushed insects add or maintain the color and pigmentation of lipsticks. It is reportedly used by some specific lipstick brands. So, you must take a look at the list of ingredients while buying a lipstick.

4. Presence of lead

Though many brands claim to manufacture makeup products with minimal or no harmful chemicals, there is a ‘hard to believe’ fact about lipsticks. Most of the lipsticks contain lead; though the quantity differs in various colors.

5. Secret biological ingredients

Although most of the companies make attempts to avoid adding any sort of animal material in their cosmetics, unfortunately there exist some lipsticks which consist of animal fats (certainly cow brains or sheep’s fat). Make sure to go for vegan options while buying cosmetics.

6. No use after 8-12 months

makeup expire

we girls love to collect lipsticks in different shades from numerous renowned brands. May be this is the reason why we do not use any lipstick entirely till it ends. Moreover, your lipstick may last for long (apparently 8 to 12 months) but it becomes unusable after a fixed span of time which is generally limited to 6 months.

7. Transition of disease

From this point, you shall learn that sharing makeup with a fellow or friend can be agonizing. Some cases are reported in recent years in which diseases such as herpes, common illness or STDs have been contracted through lipsticks only.

8. Consumption of lipstick by women

Although, we do not eat colorful sticks, we do consume a noticeable amount of lipstick in lifetime. Whatever we do, we cannot skip licking our own lips and especially while wearing lipsticks. Any sort of stuff added in the lipstick, thus, goes to our digestive system, so it is better to avoid licking lips.

lipstick bullets

9. Lipstick on ‘his’ lips

In ancient Rome, lipstick was used by both men and women because painted lips were supposed to be the sign of wealth and prosperity. Purple and merlot shades of lipsticks were popular at that time. This trend lasted for centuries in many other countries.

10. Long lasting formula

hazel bishop lipsticks

It was Hazel Bishop, a biochemist, who invented the formula of long lasting lipsticks during the research in her own apartment lab. We just cannot thank her enough! 😉

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