10 Things Every Woman Expects from The Man She Loves

Few days back I came across a quote by an unknown author on the internet which says, “You know what’s the one wrong thing we all do when we fall in love? We EXPECT. And it just ruins everything…” It is assumed that the moment we start expecting, we start killing our relationship with our partner. All the romantic films and books by Nicholas Sparks tell us, “Love unconditionally and selflessly.”

But how much of it is true? Don’t we expect at least one thing for each person we know? We even expect few things from our own parents and siblings. But I wonder why does our heart make us feel guilty when we expect something from the love of our life! Of course, there are times when unrealistic expectations could be unbearable, but there are some basic healthy expectations that every girl should have from her partner. Let’s talk about those expectations which are perfectly normal and guilt free.

1) “We” Moments

10 Things Every Woman Expects from The Man She Loves

We expect lots of “WE” moments. May be a walk on the beach, holding hands or sipping tea together at midnight. Something that would bring smile on face and defines our relationship. These “we” moments make a relationship stronger. Also, these moments save us when the boat of the relationship starts sinking. Don’t we all live for those small, magical moments that could bring smile on our face later?

2) Yes to No

Sweetheart, there is a word called “no” in the Oxford dictionary. Do you remember using that word quite liberally when you were a kid for the things you didn’t like or didn’t want to do? It was such a simple and innocent word. It wasn’t meant to hurt anyone and people used to laugh at your honest “no”. Even in this grown up world every girl expects the same from her partner. To understand and accept their “no” graciously and respectfully. We expect men to understand that the word was not created solely to hurt their egos.

3) Space

It is just not guys, even we expect a reasonable amount of space from our partner every now and then. Like, we expect our partner to give us some space while we’re busy reading articles on IMBB. 😀

4) No Cheating

10 Things Every Woman Expects from The Man She Loves4

That’s an obvious one and no sane girl in her right mind could ever feel guilty for expecting this from her partner. Perhaps, their relationship wouldn’t survive till the time they argue about rights and wrongs of it.

5) No Physical & Mental Abuse

This is a very serious point. Girls, if this is happening to you then STOP expecting that he won’t do it again and just throw him out of the window, and of your life too. Respect yourself and your family enough to walk out. You deserve better in life!

6) To Treat Us like A Princess

10 Things Every Woman Expects from The Man She Loves1

Every human being is beautiful in their own way, but we girls expect that once in a while our partner would recognize our inner as well as outer beauty. We expect them to make us feel special especially during the times when we forget who we are. We expect them to treat us like a special person.

7) Decision Making

We, girls, expect men to involve us in the important events of their life. We understand that every person should take their own decisions, but we expect to just participate in their decision-making process. This make us feel closer and equal to them.

8) To be A Man of His Words

We expect our man to keep his promises. If he says that he will turn up for our promotion or birthday party, we expect him beside us, holding our hands.

9) Quality Time

10 Things Every Woman Expects from The Man She Loves3

Time is a very precious thing which we only give to that person who matters to us. We expect to spend some quality time with our partner every day.

10) Support

We expect our man to support us for whatever we do and to be the man behind our success.

Lastly, we expect our partner to buy us chocolates, and okay may be at times we expect just 10-15 Bobbi Brown lipsticks also! 😛 What are the things that you expect from your partner? Do you think expectations are harmful in a relationship? Please share with us in the comments section below. 🙂

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