10 Things Girls Usually Do When They Fall Head Over Heels For Someone

“I fell in love the way you fall asleep; slowly and then all at once.”- John Green, the fault in our stars.
Love is the most special feeling on earth. If you have not experienced it yet, then I must say that you are missing something really precious and wonderful in life. Something that money can’t buy.

One thing I had often wondered that why is it called falling in love rather than rising. Rising perfectly suited my ego, whereas falling made me feel vulnerable. Then one day I figured it out, it is called falling because it gives us the kind of joy that we get from free falling, like in bungee jumping. You feel free, happy, childlike, excited, your heart beat increases, and may be falling implies the letting go of ego and giving yourself selflessly to the other person.

Love makes us do many things. Even climbing Everest or giving up makeup(ah! just wanted to see your reaction, don’t really mean it :-p) seems possible in love. There are few things that we all do usually, unknowingly or unknowingly when we fall for someone. Therefore, if you see yourself or your friends behaving in a certain manner, then you know the answer.

1. Free Smile to All:

You don’t need any jokes any more to make you laugh. You smile thinking about him even if a joke was told by your love many weeks ago. He is the funniest man on earth for you. Smiling is your favourite pass time and now you do not give second thoughts to give your smile even to your so called enemies. Suddenly you find them “Oh! so cute”. Thanks, to him. You could even win noble prize for world peace.

2. Romantic Songs Dominates Your IPod Playlist:

10 Things Girls Usually Do When They Fall Head Over Heels For Someone 2

Who said you hated romantic songs. You always loved them and it just recently that you made it known to everyone. It is only the love songs suits your mood and takes you to another planet.

3. The Most Interesting Person on Earth:

You do not spare your poor friends from listening about your most favourite topic, “him”. War in Syria, natural disasters or your best friend’s breakup cannot divert your attention from your favorite topic “him”, while you are with your friends. Your friends call you selfish, but if only they knew. *sigh*

4. Get Up, Dress Up and Show Up:

10 Things Girls Usually Do When They Fall Head Over Heels For Someone 3

You don’t feel lazy any more to dress up especially if you are meeting your special person. In fact, you wake up 2hours before to look best and attractive to him only. Visiting a local jogger’s park is equal to visiting Ranbir Kapoor for you these days. Wherever you go, you want to look just perfect and wish that he can see you in your perfection.

5. Waiting for Your Phone to Ring:

Did you ever know before, the importance of the cell phone in your life? It was always a neglected being for you, lying under the sofa or buried under piles of books. But now, you always hold it close to your heart because what if he decides to call you when you are inside bathroom or what if his friend’s snoring wakes him up at 2am and he calls you to combat his sleeplessness. Your life’s mission has become to wait for that special song ringtone that you have set for his call. We do understand your pain poor girl.

6. Wish to know everything:

10 Things Girls Usually Do When They Fall Head Over Heels For Someone 4

Information such as someone’s breakfast/dinner/lunch menu never felt so interesting before. You somehow control yourself to ask him about his loo timings, besides that you just want to know everything he is doing. You don’t mind stalking him in social networking sites to memorize his check-ins and with that his cute profile picture is like a bonus for you.

7. Ignoring Friends:

You swear you didn’t do that, but do you remember the last time you spent time with your friends or called them just for chit chatting? Well, neither do they.

8. He is The Best:

10 Things Girls Usually Do When They Fall Head Over Heels For Someone 5

He is your Ranbir Kapoor, Arjun Kapoor or whatever Kapoor for you. You wonder that how people treat him like a normal human being, when he is like such a big celebrity to you. Stupid people! You behave like his biggest fan and are totally mesmerized by his every single move and beauty.

9. Love is Truly Blind:

If he says, “Rakhi Sawant is India’s prime minister” then she is. Anyone dare not prove him wrong, or he/she will burn in hell.

10. Crave for His Appreciation:

10 Things Girls Usually Do When They Fall Head Over Heels For Someone 6

You want him to declare that you’re the best! Best dancer, best cook, best singer to him and everything you do is just to get appreciation from one person in the world. Even if he appreciates that you are so easily and smoothly able to swallow water, then it just makes your day!

Girls, if you’re nodding your head vigorously, while reading this post then may God save you! You’re madly, deeply and crazily in love with that person. Can you relate with any of these? Falling for someone is one of the best feeling on earth. Therefore, don’t hold back yourself and I hope you fully enjoy this madness.

Lots of love and hugs to my falling beauties.

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  2. Such a cute post…hihihi..loved reading it 🙂 “if Rakhi Sawant is India’s prime-minister”.hahaha you have a funny sense of humor Shainee 🙂

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