10 Things to Keep in Mind While Dyeing the Hair

Hair coloring and highlighting is in trend these days. However, spending money at parlors is unnecessary when you can do something at home. You can definitely color the hair at home if you keep in mind a few basic tips. Follow them at home and you will get your hair colored in a professional manner all by yourself.

10 Things to Keep in Mind While Dyeing the Hair

1. Decide the Color

Before going ahead and buying a shade that your friend is using, do the right research. Your face shape, hair cut, natural hair color and lots of other things acts as the deciding factor. Also, keep in mind about your work environment and what makes you comfortable all the time. There is no point in getting your hair colored green just because you want a good Instagram photo.

2. Consider the Texture

10 Things to Keep in Mind While Dyeing the Hair Texture

While choosing a color, keep the texture of your hair mind too. Frizzy hair sucks up the color faster and generally the colors look bluish or cool-toned on it. Normal hair takes some time to absorb the color and colors generally look warmer on it. If you have frizzy hair, pick a shade that is lighter than your hair color and go for warm tones of copper or golden. For normal hair you must try shades that are darker than your hair color and more cool-toned like champagne or beige.

3. Do Not Over Complicate

Colored hair with contrasting highlights or Balayage looks very interesting. But, the process is pretty complicated too and doing that at home may not be easy. When you are coloring the hair for the first time at home, opt for simpler things. Contrasting highlights with your natural hair, a beautiful color all over the hair looks beautiful and doing it is not a complicated process either. Start off with the basics and try new things once you become an expert.

4. Get Two boxes of Color

10 Things to Keep in Mind While Dyeing the Hair Two Box

Nothing can be worse than a half dyed hair. To get complete hair color done perfectly, always keep two boxes ready. Also, mix the color in a glass bowl as it may oxidize and change color in metal bowls.

5. Get Ready with Gloves

You want color on your hair and not on your hand. Make sure to wear one when applying the color and another one when you are washing it off. You may end up with stained fingers otherwise.

6. Start from Root

10 Things to Keep in Mind While Dyeing the Hair Roots

The root hair is less porous than the end and thus the color takes more time to absorb and show up. Thus always start coloring from the roots. While washing, start by washing the end first with a conditioner. This will make the coloring look even and soft.

7. Use Two Mirrors

Coloring the back hair all by yourself can be frustrating. You may end up missing a few patches and that will look disastrous. Try to set a mirror in the back along with a front mirror, so that you can see all the hairs and achieve even application.

8. Use Lip Balm to Protect the the Head

10 Things to Keep in Mind While Dyeing the Hair Forehead

You won’t love to see the dye spreading on your forehead. This may happen while you are applying the color to the roots. Your regular lip balm can save you from this situation. Apply a generous amount of it on the forehead and the color won’t set there even if an accident happened.

9. Wear Old Clothes

Save your favorite dresses for the parties and bring out the old, torn ones for the hair color days. As you are not going to a salon, you can wear old, comfortable clothes and there won’t be any tension of ruining it.

10. Get Right After-Care Products

PhotosHairdresser squeezing hair conditioner on hand

Your regular shampoo or anti-dandruff shampoo won’t work when you are coloring the hair. There are specific shampoos and conditioners that keeps the color intact and hair healthy. Try to stock them up before you color your hair. Also, hair glosses are great way to enhance the shine of your colored hair. Using right products along with right color will give your hair a professional finish.

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