10 Things to Remember in the Shower

10 Things to Remember in the Shower

Here are some things that are useful to remember when in the shower. I tend to take really long hot showers, especially in the winter. But that’s not always good for my hair and skin! I am going to share some ideas that I think enhance the shower experience and bring out the best in our hair and skin. I don’t always remember to follow all of them, but when I do, it really makes a difference!


1.  Use exfoliating gloves and replace loofahs often:


Most of us like to use loofahs in the shower. While loofahs are great in their own way, they are designed in a way that makes them prone to harbor bacteria and other germs over time. They are also left damp most times because it’s not easy to dry them completely. This results in loofahs becoming unhygienic. I prefer exfoliating gloves to loofahs since they gently and effectively exfoliate the skin much better than a loofah does. More importantly, they dry quickly. However, if you still prefer to have a loofah around (which I do), then remember to replace it often enough!

2.  Moderate the temperature of water:

Bathing tub

While we may love hot showers, we know already that very hot or even very warm water is not good for our hair and skin. Especially if we plan to spend long time in the shower. It’s ideal to keep the water lukewarm or cool. It’s much easier on the hair and skin, keeping the same in good condition for years to come.

3.  Wash your face after the shower:

Washing Face

Since we tend to use warmer temperatures of water in the shower, it’s a good idea to wash your face in the basin after you have showered. This way, you can adjust the temperature of the water to suit your facial skin and take your time over the process.

4.  Keep your body lotion/oil accessible:

Body lotion

It’s the best idea to apply your body lotion/cream/oil as soon as your step out of the shower. This allows for the moisture to be sealed in, providing better hydration to the skin. This really makes a huge difference.  So, make sure that you store these products in a way that you can apply them right after you have dried yourself.

5.  Shampoo the right way:

Shampooing hair

It’s important to remember to clean the scalp just as well, if not better, than your hair. Make sure to evenly distribute the shampoo on your scalp and work your way down to your hair. Shampoo the parts on your scalp that are often easily neglected, like just above your ears and above the neck. It’s a good idea to shampoo twice over. More importantly, it’s good to shampoo as often as you feel the need to. There is no such thing as making your hair “learn” to wait for the right time, if you know what I mean.

6.  Make the most of conditioner:

Conditioner makes all the difference to the way your hair turns out after the wash. Remember to comb your hair and detangle it before you step into the shower. This allows the shampoo and the conditioner to work much better on your hair. Once you have applied the conditioner, gently comb through your hair with your fingers as this allows the conditioner to work its way into your hair.

7.  Keep a separate face towel and wash towels frequently:

rolled white towels

It’s a good practice to have a separate, gentler towel for your face, but you must remember to change this towel at least once a day if not more, and as far as your bath towels are concerned, wash and replace them as often as you can.

8.  Detangle your hair before the wash:

I have already mentioned this above, but I can’t stress on this enough. Imagine trying to shampoo your hair when it’s full of knots! When your hair is detangled before the wash, the products work much more effectively and the whole process takes much less time. So, don’t skip this step!

9.  Quality over quantity:


I have been guilty of swamping my shower area with an uncountable number of products – shampoos, conditioners, shower creams and gels, face washes, etc., but you don’t have to do that. It’s best to pick a handful of good products that work for you and products that you know that you will use. Pick fragrances that you will look forward to using. It’s always great if you can use shampoo and shower gel that is SLS-free. Over time, you will notice the difference that it makes to your hair and skin.

10.  And, finally: Finish off your shower with cool water:

In fact, make the water as cold as you can tolerate. This will give your hair a healthy shine and it will rejuvenate and soothe your skin to keep you going for the rest of the day!

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  1. i follow all the tips mentioned above *happy dance* *happy dance* *happy dance* except the “detangling the hair before shower” thing. Washing the face with cold water after the shower helps in closing those open pores *haan ji* And using separate towels for face and hair is a very good idea *happydance*
    great tips *clap* *clap*

  2. Wow good to knw I use most of these tips, never knew though.. *hihi* Great tips richa.. *clap* I will make sure I follow each and every point religiously now onwards.. *haan ji* *clap* *thankyou*

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