10 Things To Consider Before Buying A Lipstick

By Sumera Fatima

Hello beautiful ladies!

We all have two kinds of lipsticks in our vanity – one, that we love to apply everyday and love to keep near and second, the one we try to avoid at any cost and almost forget about. But, have you ever wondered what makes the preference for these lipsticks differ – the texture, the shade or the wear time? Therefore, it is always important to consider few things before we go ahead and buy a lipstick. Read on and you won’t have to regret buying a lipstick again!

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Shelf Life Of The Lipstick
It is important that you always check for the shelf life of lipstick, i.e. its manufacture date and date of expiration. Generally, most of the lipsticks have a shelf life of 3 years. Some stores try and sell the products which are one year old in order to finish their old stock instead of new ones. If you go for such products, you only have 2 years of shelf life remaining. So, it’s always a good option to go for fresh products manufactured in the same year to enjoy using product for maximum time.


Try Them Before You Buy Them
We sometimes get attracted to few shades of lipstick that is simply not meant for our skin tone or for our personality. It is better if we swatch different shades on our hands to notice the difference between shades before we opt for one. After analyzing the shades, you can make a choice and choose the one that you feel will suit you the best.

10 Things To Consider Before Buying A Lipstick

Choose The Lipstick As Per Your Needs
From different types of lipsticks, it is important to consider what kind of lipstick you would like to go for. Mentioning few among the types of lipsticks are cream lipsticks, matte touch lipsticks, lipsticks with frost finish or shimmer etc.

Soft touch lipsticks moisturize your lips well, but if you desire your lipstick to stay longer, consider matte touch lipsticks. This kind of lipsticks are deep in colour and give you a natural look making the lips look thinner. Whereas, frost lipsticks reflects light making your lips sparkle and glisten and look more pouty.

Avoid Buying The Same Shade
Before buying a new lipstick, try layering the shades which are quite similar. Even if you opt for a different brand of the same shade, sometimes, it’s hard to make out the difference between your new shade which is close enough and looks the same you already have. Some people stick to one particular shade and avoid trying new shades. I think they should just come out of their comfort zones and try a different shade to see how gorgeous they could look.

10 Things To Consider Before Buying A Lipstick1

Do Not Let Replicas Fool You
It is better to have one original product of good quality than having ten replica products. Replicas of luxury brands are a common affair these days. Many people get influenced by the price of fake luxury brands unknowingly and invest in lipsticks that are replicas. These replica lipsticks do not even match up to the quality of original lipsticks. So ladies, it is always better to check for the feedback of lesser known online shopping website which sell replicas.

10 Things To Consider Before Buying A Lipstick3

Check For Exchange Policies
Take a few minutes of time to investigate with the seller about the exchange policies of the product if you are unsure of using the product for certain reasons. Some companies guarantee the exchange of product within the limit of few days.

Choose The Right Shade
Deeper shades of lipsticks make lips look smaller and bright lipsticks make lips look bigger. While choosing the right lipstick for a fair complexion you can go for nude or soft mocha color and people with a decently fair complexion can try nude, peach or pale pink. For a lighter medium skin tone, you can try fuchsia, red, browns and peaches. For a darker medium skin tone copper, brown and cranberry color look good. For dark complexions, dark reds and hues of wine look great. Some beauty experts suggest beauties with dark complexion to avoid orange lipsticks.

10 Things To Consider Before Buying A Lipstick4

Avoid Non-Transferable Lipstick
Lipsticks that claim to be non transferable tends to dry out the lips easily. So, to avoid chapping and drying of lips, it is always good to avoid non-transferable lipsticks. If you particularly feel like having a non-transferable lipstick, look for other features like if it comes with hydrating properties or not. However, a good lipstick should moisturize your lips and keep them healthy. So, it is recommended to avoid lipsticks that are non transferable.

Check For Ingredients
Don’t just look at the brand logo! It is very important to check for ingredients before you buy a lipstick as it may contain few harmful ingredients that can cause much harm to your skin and can also be allergic to you in the long run. Especially look for Parabens, Retinyl Palmitate and Tocopheryl Acetate and avoid buying lipsticks that contain them.

Read Reviews and Check Swatches
Before you invest in any lipstick or any kind of beauty product for that matter, always make sure you read the review about it when it’s up and new in the market. Reading a review will always help as people who review the product generally share their personal experiences with the product, its pros and cons etc. It is good to make a decision after reading a review and check out the swatches than to complain later after you buy the product. IMBB is always the best option to check out such reviews. 😀

So ladies, let me know what are the other things you consider and look for before buying a new lipstick. Until next time, put on some lipstick and live a little! ♥

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5 thoughts on “10 Things To Consider Before Buying A Lipstick

  1. I think I do all the above pointers you mentioned. 🙂 Lol except for buying the same shade. I am terribly attracted to Fuchsia colored lipsticks and whenever I see a new one, without giving a single thought I just purchase it . It’s not as if I wear that color a lot. Not at all indeed. But the urge of buying it doesn’t go away. 😉

  2. Agree…these points shouldn’t be missed..but i noticed dat most lipsticks doesn’t contain any ingredient lists!
    Really irritating na, when we don’t get to know wat exactly we r applying to our lips :/

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