10 Things You Should Never Say to a Woman on Her Periods!

Hello ladies,
So, we all know how frustrating it is for us AND the men (friends, partner) in our life to make sense of those days when we are on our periods. Well, there is nothing to understand. It’s as simple as this. These 5 days, do as we say and do not do anything which will trigger any of our emotions which are on fire, continuously. We do not welcome suggestions from men while we go through that time of the month which we will never get used to, no matter how old we are. Agreed, we can be difficult at times, but hey, you got to deal with it. Here are tips for the men and a list of “we all go through this” empathy-packed facts for the ladies. All in good fun!

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1. You are so cranky. Are you on your periods?
Are you kidding me? You NEVER base any of our actions or emotions on the assumption that we are on our period. Period.

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2. You look a little bloated.
Boys, do not attempt this. And if by chance you do, then RUN or else it will be you who will be bloated by the end of it. Yes, we can turn into Ninjas too.

3. Let’s go out, you will feel better.
We appreciate the offer but we’d rather snuggle in our beds with a cup of hot chocolate and watch movies in our pajamas. Join us, we would love it.

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4. You should take some medicine and chill.
And what exactly is the medicine for the million mood swings we have in a day?

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5. Don’t you think you are eating a lot today?
Ummmm. Don’t you think you talking a lot today? LET US EAT! Yes, we indulge in junk and sinful food these 5 days.

6. Are you okay? Are you all right? Are you feeling better?
See, we love the fact that you care but asking us these things constantly will only make it worse. Just know this, first 3 days, there is nothing that can make us feel better except ICE CREAM. So unless you are as amazing as ice cream, please, shush!

7. It can’t be that bad. Calm down.
You just invited trouble for yourself. Your suggestions are not welcome these 5 days. And wait, it can’t be that bad? Sure. We will make sure you pay for saying this!

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8. You look sick.
Wait, did you just…? That is the pain and discomfort which is reflecting on our face. How dare you?

9. “Chill,” “relax,” “calm down”.
These terms should be banned from your dictionary for 5 days. Besides, it takes us 5 minutes to find a comfortable position to even SIT and you suggest us to “chill”?

10. What do you want?
We want you to stop asking us what we want. We are happy, sad, cranky, excited, mad, glad, confused, irritated and everything at the same time and you are asking us what we want? Really?

P.S.: Love and pampering can make it so much better for us. Just saying….

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10 thoughts on “10 Things You Should Never Say to a Woman on Her Periods!

  1. OMGG!! I was just laughing at every point I was reading. 😛 Superr article. And “It can’t be that bad. Calm down. ” was epic.. 😀 brilliant article!! 😀

  2. Very funny post Tanvi, could totally relate. Just a small tip, yoga helps greatly with mood swings, Simple breathing exercises and pranayama. I have seen changes in my body, Im a certified yoga instructor.

  3. I also enjoyed reading it Tanvi. It was damn relatable; people who ask me if I am on periods actually make me more cranky. 😛

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