10 Things You will Relate to if You are A Shopaholic

By Tanya Arora

How impossible is it for us to refrain from shopping! Some wise person rightly said, “There are only two major problems in a woman’s life – the first one being ‘I have got nothing good to wear’ and the other one ‘I have no space left in my closet’.” Doesn’t this so accurately describe what we, shopaholics, feel? Nothing haunts us like the things we didn’t buy. Here are some things, that the shopaholic in you can totally relate to.


1. Shopping is the best weight loss therapy

Beautiful woman with shopping bags

Hungry? No way! You are never hungry when you are shopping. Maybe you grab a burger shuffling in between the stores, but dining out at a restaurant is such a waste of time. Isn’t it? And you never knew you could walk 10 rounds of the same floor until you started shopping. So much walking, and so much dieting. Isn’t it the perfect weight loss regimen?

2. Cart is always full

Our carts on the online shopping sites are always full waiting for a sale to slash down the prices of our favourite things. It’s a religious ritual to wake up every morning and refresh your cart to see if there is a sale so that you can quickly order all the happiness before the stocks run out!

3. Comfortable pair of footwear

We always have that one pair of footwear which is God-sent to us just for shopping. It is like the most important and comfortable asset we have. Incase we do not have such a footwear, we are always in quest for that one footwear which feels comfortable while shopping and still looks classy and cool.

4. Price tags

lady browsing through a clothes rail of dresses

If you are a shopaholic, you definitely have discovered the most sophisticated ways in which you can check the price tags. Infact, you have become so good at it, that even someone along you won’t even take a notice. What a talent! Pure genius!

5. Elated by retrieving loyalty points

That feeling when you retrieve those loyalty points! 🙂 You feel so happy and proud of yourself as if you have earned diamonds. Like, seriously! You got to pay lesser because you have saved those loyalty points and always remembered to carry those loyalty cards with you whenever you went shopping. So much of efforts rightly paid off!

6. Shopping is a therapy

shopping quote

Shopping is cheaper than a psychiatrist. Recently had a break-up? Failed in the exams? Bored of your life? Anything can be resolved because shopping is such a therapy – it’s a stress-buster, it’s a miracle, it’s the happiest time you had in a long, long time. Shopping makes you feel elated like no other thing can and why spend on spas when you can spend on your dresses and still have the same peace?

7. One man army

You are so good when you are alone! You run at your own speed, eat when you want, don’t eat if you don’t want, check price-tags, bargain a ton and do all what you want to without being hesitant that someone has eyes on you. You are at your best while you are shopping alone.

8. So many shops, so little time

The malls are open just from 11am to 11pm i.e. just 12 hours! 12 hours just ain’t enough to rush through all the stores in the mall or the market. A day is never enough. These places should be banned to close down. How good it would be if these stores run all round the clock!

9. Another trial

Young woman trying on high heel shoes

And that one trial you had at the store is never enough. You come home, try everything all over again, re-analyse your choice, ramp walk around the house forcing people to admit that you are looking good. That is the most satisfying moment of the day.

10. Lift please

After all the day of shopping, isn’t it so difficult to carry those bags and board a bus? Also as soon as you are done with shopping, you are suddenly so hungry. That is when you need friends. You make an agreement with a friend to pick you up at the end of the day so that you have enough place to keep your bags and be relaxed after all the hard-work.

Let us know if there is something that you totally swear by if you are a shopaholic in the comments below! 🙂

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2 thoughts on “10 Things You will Relate to if You are A Shopaholic

  1. Hello Tanya,
    You can count me in, I was definitely a shopaholic; improved a lot now….
    But your article brought back some memories
    1). college days when we use to do just do window shopping????
    2). mall rounding on weekends, and yes picking up lots of stuff and coming home and taking trials???? Not satisfied till some one says yes this looks good on you
    3). As of date the best option is net shopping????
    I totally agree shopping and mall rounding helps burn calories and at the end of the day we feel we have really lost
    Nice article????????

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