10 Tips and Tricks for Buying Fabulous Shoes

By Chanchala Bose

Hi fashionistas,
Well, buying shoes is a really tricky business. Choosing the right footwear and the right jeans feels like rocket science to us women.  But these golden rules, if followed well, will help you choose the right footwear every single time.
10 Tips and Tricks for Buying Fabulous Shoes

1. Measure your feet

Don’t be so strict about your shoe size. Your size might differ from brand to brand. So, just go to the store and check your shoe size first before buying the footwear. Believe me, the size of your shoe matters the most.

2. The right time to buy

The length of your feet is normal in the morning. But, as the day progresses, and you keep on walking and moving your feet, your feet tend to widen. So buy your shoes after a lot of walking and in the night or evening time to get your best fit.

3. Never buy in a haste

shoe shopping
You should never buy a shoe when you are in a hurry. Always take proper time and then only buy a shoe. This is a crucial time and you require a lot of time and patience, else you will keep running back to the store to exchange your shoes for a better style or size.

4. Check if your footwear will widen

Footwear are available in different fabrics, just like your clothes. Most of them become wider with time while some of them remain the same. Hence, know the material well and choose accordingly.

5. Double-check the sole

This is a must-do! Sole is the foundation of your shoes. So, the sole should be long-lasting and strong enough. Don’t just go by the design on top, make sure you take a look at what’s down there!

6. Keep your foot shape in mind

Buy a shoe that matches your foot shape properly. If you like any shoe but it’s not meant for your foot shape, then you might end up grumpy and uncomfortable. So if you have narrow feet or broad feet, keep that in mind while buying.

7. Footwear material

high heels
While buying a shoe, check the material also. You might like how it looks on the display but it might turn out to be too slippery or hard or stiff. Make sure you inspect the footwear well especially when buying heels or sports shoes.

8. Consider the season

Ideally, buy a pair of shoes that’s suitable for every season. Like, for summers, you should go for the lighter ones that are open in the front. Whereas, in winters, you can go for the fully covered ones. In rainy season, try to go footwear that are waterproof with a slight heel.

9. Heels or no heels

Fabulous Shoes
Heels are definitely a very important determinant while buying footwear. There are different types of heels available in market these days. But go for the ones in which you are comfortable while keeping the occasion in mind.

10. Comfort

This is the most important fashion rule and it stands the same when it comes to footwear selection. Always try it, wear it and walk as much as you can in the store before buying a shoe. A footwear can look very trendy but if you are not comfortable, then there is no point of buying it.

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