10 Tips and Tricks to Deal with Combination Hair

Hi ladies,
Combination hair can be tricky to deal with! Let’s find out some tips and tricks that will help you a great deal in managing those greasy roots and drier tips.


1. Choose the shampoo wisely:

A shampoo that is meant especially for combination hair, can be really difficult to find. You can try a gentle shampoo, that will not strip the scalp of off natural oils and will also not make your hair look weighed down.

2. Condition Well:

combination hair

An all-over conditioner may result in aggravating the oiliness of your roots, so use it only on your ends and not the scalp area. You can also try using a leave in conditioner, that is protein rich to solve your dry end woes.

3. Tone Down The temperature of water:

Hot water can wreak havoc on any kind of hair and combination hair definitely requires more attention, so stay away from using hot water. Use lukewarm water, as hot water can be really harsh for combination hair type.

4. Trim regularly:

Breakage is one of the real problems with combination hair, as dry and fragile ends are more susceptible to damage and breakage. Try to get a trim on regular basis to avoid this problem.

5. Don’t Over-Oil:


Too much of oiling means, too much of shampooing, which will strip off the natural oil and your tips will become drier. So, try using a light oil to oil your hair and shampoo using a pH balancing shampoo.

6. Use a good brush:

combination hair

Normal hair brushes or combs will do nothing for your combination hair. Go for a boar bristle brush, to give your hair a good brushing, to ensure even distribution of oils from your scalp to your tips.

7. Clarify regularly:

A clarifying treatment once in a while, especially in case if you use a lot of products can be really beneficial. Too much of product build-up weighs your hair down and makes it super easy to grease-up in no time. So, use a clarifying shampoo every fortnight, to ensure there is no product build-up and your tresses are squeaky clean.

8. Limit the use of heat:

Excess heat from those straightening irons and curling wands will dry out your already weakened ends and will ultimately lead to breakage and fragile hair. So, if you have combination hair type, then try to stay away from heat styling products as much as you can.

9. Go for protective styles:

combination hair

Anything that covers your dry ends will really help you a lot, in reducing the breakage and will also protect your tresses. You can try different bun and braid styles. You can also try covering your head with scarves or hats to protect your tresses from environmental damage.

10. Develop a washing strategy:

Working the lather through the roots of your hair, instead of simply applying the shampoo to your entire head will help to control greasiness close to your scalp, but won’t risk damaging your fragile ends of the little moisture they have.

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