10 Tips and Tricks to Rock the Size Zero Figure Like a Celebrity

By Gurmeet Kaur

Hey, Ladies!

A healthy body is everyone’s dream; a dream that some have achieved, some are dreaming of achieving and some are striving hard to achieve it. While a lot of us drool over Kareena Kapoor’s perfect body, we don’t really know what it takes to achieve it. Losing weight is one aspect, but, achieving a size zero body is one step higher. So, all my lovely IMBB readers, today, I have brought you an effective list of tips and tricks to rock that dreamy size zero body.

10 Tips and Tricks to Rock the Size Zero Figure Like a Celebrity8

Read on to know them.

1. Where are You on the Scale?

The first and most essential step is to know your base ground. Knowing where you are starting from is a quintessential step in the journey of achieving a size zero body. Keep a close check on your current measurements as these will be the relative value of comparison for future references of weight calculation. Celebrities are known to have kept a regular chart of BMI index counts, body weight counts, height counts as they play a vital role.

10 Tips and Tricks to Rock the Size Zero Figure Like a Celebrity4

2. Careful Calorie Count:

More than often, we think that counting calories need to be taken care of only while working out. Keeping a count of calories is equally important during intake of food. The process of burning twice the calories that we have consumed is the key to achieving the size zero dream. The most reputed health professionals who have assisted celebrities like Kareena Kapoor have recommended the consumption of 500-600 calories a day as an ideal intake.

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3. Water is your Best Friend!

We all know water makes up 70 percent of our body and yet, we all ignore the quantity of water intake. Intake of fresh water at regular intervals has worked wonders for celebrities in satiating their food cravings and also to meet usual fluid requirements of their body. While targeting for a size zero body, it becomes extremely important to take an ample amount of water everyday. You can also increase fluid intake by including coconut water, juices and soups.

10 Tips and Tricks to Rock the Size Zero Figure Like a Celebrity

4. A Targeted Gym Regime:

Ladies! There is a huge difference between working out and targeted working out. While a casual workout tones up your body, a targeted workout is a secret for achieving your dreams. Remember Kareena’s 100 Surya namaskar regime? A size zero body is a result of a well-designed gym regime, so it will be highly recommended that you convey your aspirations to your gym trainer so that they know, plan and train you accordingly.

10 Tips and Tricks to Rock the Size Zero Figure Like a Celebrity1

5. Say No to Fizz!

Irrespective of what the celebrities say while endorsing advertisements of soft drinks, you have to keep in mind that aerated drinks are only going to take you miles away from your dream of size zero body. Aerated drinks are not only high in sugar content but also, the fizz fills your stomach with air. Such a sudden shot of sugar causes imbalances in your body and instantly nullifies the effect of your past workouts.

6. Choose Mother Nature!

Just like our mothers always gave us the food that is right and healthy for us, similarly, mother nature is the reason for the growth of vegetables which not only make us lean and strong but, also help us in weight loss. Green vegetables go a long way with us to get a perfect size zero body by being an abundant source of nutrition. All the nutrient requirements i.e. vitamins, proteins etc can be easily met with the different choices available.

10 Tips and Tricks to Rock the Size Zero Figure Like a Celebrity2

7. Piled up Fat:

Lovelies, we need to know that our current workout burns calories, yes, but, if our intake of calories is equal to calories we are burning, we are going nowhere! Size zero body greatly involves the removal of excess fat from our body which can only be achieved if we burn out all the piled up fat. It is a strict recommendation to avoid saturated fatty foods, fried edibles or quick cooking packages.

8. Junk is Flunk!

If you are dreaming and working for a perfect size zero body, shield your food intake from junk food. It is a delicious monster that takes your health downhill and does not let you be anywhere near your size zero dream. An immediate shot of calories with no nutrition in store for you, that is what junk food provides. Instead, replace all the cravings of junk food with healthy and yummy organic alternatives. Don’t let your taste buds fail your dream of wearing size S!

10 Tips and Tricks to Rock the Size Zero Figure Like a Celebrity5

9. Dairy everyday!

While dairy products are considered healthy and enriching for our body, it is crucial to know how much of it do we really need and in what variation. Dairy products which are high on fat contents do not prove to be beneficial for size zero regimes. A toned variant of milk can greatly help cut down those extra fat content. Instead of butter and cheese, consuming buttermilk and curd is wiser and contributes to satisfying the hunger pangs!

10. Be on your Toes!

Yes, you read it right! Be on your toes all the time. We consider it normal to work out rigorously at the gym and spend the rest of the day sedentary or with minimal physical movement. So, here are few quick tips which will help you cover an extra mile faster in achieving a size zero body. Now, you know why Ileana D’Cruz is so often spotted walking across city roads! If they can, why not we! Take stairs instead of elevators, walk down to the market for grocery shopping, take multiple rounds to your terrace climbing two stairs at a time, play a game or two of badminton or any sport you like etc.

10 Tips and Tricks to Rock the Size Zero Figure Like a Celebrity6

Most importantly, a size zero body is not just a physical achievement, it is a proof of the unfailing determination of mind and an example of staying focused. For once in life, we own our bodies a whopping transformation. Don’t we? All the best ladies, may we fit in Size S at least once! 😀

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