10 Tips For Everyone Who is Terrified of Gymming

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We all need to start somewhere, and conquering your fears in order to go to the gym (especially if you’re lazy like me) can be nearly impossible. Thankfully, I’ve put together a few tips that could help everyone who is terrified of gymming to get their daily dose of exercise.

10 Tips For Everyone Who is Terrified of Gymming

1. Set a goal:  When you have an achievable goal, you’re more likely to get started and get to work instead of lazing around your house. By writing down our goals and possibly even sharing them with our friends, it’ll push us to go to the gym or at least get started.

2. Once you’re at the gym, pick a fitness routine that works the best for you:  Opt for something easy at first and keep building the intensity every week. This will give you the best results because your body won’t get used to moving and it’ll constantly require more work which means more calories burned and more muscles moved.

3. Aesthetics of a gym can play a huge role in whether you’re motivated to go:  Opt for a place that is clean and has fresh air. Also, look if the staff is friendly, if you make friends with an employee at the gym, they’ll text you once in a while and you’ll be pushed to see them during your workouts. Make sure you sign up for a gym that you would actually want to spend time in. Most gyms have a trial period, try it out and see if you like it.

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4. If a normal gym is too much, try a boutique gym where everyone in the class does the same thing: Try out a spin class where everyone is on stationary bicycles together or Pilates, maybe even ballet. It doesn’t have to be a gym per se, but anything that gets your body moving works. Zumba is also a fun way to get fit.

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5. Ask for a walk through of your gym/studio:  This will help you feel more comfortable in the environment as well as make you familiar with all the equipment and features your gym has to offer.

6. Try personal training:  This is a great way to get fit while also getting to know your trainer. Being comfortable with your trainer will motivate you to keep working. They’ll talk to you and often about the progress you’ve made and any other changes that would improve your well being.

7.  Find out a time that’s comfortable for you: I like going to the gym early in the morning and that might not always work with most people. I’m usually at the gym by 5:30 am if I choose to go, and it’s nearly empty which makes me feel a lot more comfortable. Also, getting my workout done at the beginning of the day makes room for any last minute plans with my friends.

8. If you’re too scared to sign up for a Zumba class or any other classes, try going in for a sneak peek and see if you feel like you’ll fit in. Get to know the instructor that day as it’ll make you more aware of what will happen in class and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

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9. Always ask for help when you need it. If you feel uncomfortable with using a new piece of equipment or unsure of how to go about it (let’s be honest, those diagrams on the equipment aren’t really helping anyone), ask for help. An employee or your trainer will be happy to help.

10. Compete with yourself and only yourself. Beating your own records is much more satisfying than comparing yourself to others. It’ll either only put you down or your competitor down. Remember, going to the gym is about being body positive and healthy!

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