10 Tips for the Healthiest Smoothies

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Don’t you all love smoothies? A glass of smoothie a day solves multiple problems. They can help you to get rid of the toxin, lose the extra kilos and get a problem-free healthy skin. Many women skip the heavy breakfast and drink a glass of smoothie instead before leaving for work. But, are all the smoothie recipes healthy? We often see recipes in the internet which are definitely colourful and tasty, but not healthy at all. So in this post I will tell you about a few things that you should keep in mind while making your glass of perfectly healthy and tasty smoothie.

1. Choosing fresh fruits over canned products:

This is the first thing that you should keep in mind. Always store fresh fruits and vegetables in your refrigerator and use them to make your glass of smoothie. Although most canned products claim to be hundred percent natural, free of artificial colours and preservatives, their nutritional values can never be the same as the fresh products. Often women complain that certain fruits are not available locally and thus they are using the canned products. But you don’t have to follow a fixed recipe to make your smoothie, right? Any fresh fruit can be used for the purpose. Choose the common fruits available locally and use them in your smoothie.

2. Regulate the portion size:

We often tend to make 2-3 glasses of smoothies at one go, while a single glass of it is all that we need. This happens because we keep adding fruits and other ingredients without keeping the needed amount in mind. Storing glasses of smoothies in the refrigerator and drinking them later is not a healthy idea either. So try to make just one glass of it. You can add pieces of different fruits, instead of using the whole of them. Alternatively, you can also use fewer fruits, like two different fruits for each glass. And in case, you cannot control the amount, make other members of your family have the excess smoothie.

3. Maintain the calorie count:

A glass of smoothie is healthy and a part of your weight-loss diet, only when you keep the calorie in check. Keep in mind the time when you are drinking the smoothie; any other food that is accompanying it, adds up to the calorie-count. For example, a glass of smoothie that substitutes your breakfast should contain 350-550 calories. Check the calorie count of all the ingredients you are using in your smoothie and add stuff accordingly.

4. Avoid sugar for sweetening the smoothie:

Your glass of super-healthy smoothie becomes absolutely unhealthy, the moment you add sugar in it. Avoid adding sugar to your glass of smoothie at any cost. The natural sweetening products present in your fruits will make your glass of smoothie tasty and sweet. In case you want to add some more sweet, go for alternatives like honey or date.

5. Add some protein-power:

The fruits, although loaded with nutrients, lack the protein power. Protein is much needed to provide the boost of energy and keep your appetite in control. So adding some healthy source of protein in your smoothie is important. Skimmed-milk, peanut-butter can be great options to boost the protein content of your smoothie.

6. Add some healthy fat:

Working women often get too busy with their work at office and the lunch hours are delayed. So, a source of fat in the smoothie will help to keep the hunger in check and help in maintaining the energy level. Ingredients like coconut, avocado are great sources of good fat and can be incorporated in your smoothie.

7. Add some salt:

Salt not only helps to enhance the taste of your smoothie, but also boosts the mineral content in it. A little amount of salt along with some lemon juice, enhances the taste and you won’t feel the need of adding sugar anymore. Also salt can provide the much needed micronutrients, which we often forget about and the deficiency leads to various problems. Salt acts as the sources of various ions like sodium, chlorine and minerals like iodine, all of which are important for proper functioning of the body-systems. Try adding Himalayan pink salt, sea-salt or black salt to your smoothies and get the added benefits.

8. Add some vegetable:

fruits and vegetables
Adding a vegetable instead of a fruit in your smoothie is actually a healthier alternative. The calorie count and sugar content of the vegetables are lower than the fruits. One fruit and one vegetable together can make the perfect glass of smoothie. While the vegetable provides the nutrients not present in the fruit, the sweetness of the fruit covers up the flavor of the vegetable. Beat-root, carrot, spinach or even mushrooms can be added to your smoothie.

9. Choose a healthy base:

A good base actually boosts the nutritional values of your smoothie. Instead of using water, you can opt for coconut water, raw milk or great tea. They are great sources of electrolytes and boost the taste. If you want your smoothie to be chilled, you can use green-tea or coconut-water ice cubes.

10. Add some spice:

Adding various spices will enhance the flavor and nutritional value of your smoothie. Also the variety will bring some change which you will love. Try adding cayenne pepper, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, vanilla extract and the combinations will definitely make your glass of smoothie more interesting.

Follow these tips and make your glass of smoothie healthier!

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