10 Tips for Wearing Red Lipstick

Red lips could lend you an ultimate glam diva look and could also mar your look and give you clown face in no time when worn wrongly. Red lips are great for parties,and for formal functions as well.When worn with these simple tips, you can achieve perfect red pout in no time. Take a look:

Choose the right shade:

Very fair skin can choose a true red with blue tones, warm skin tones can steer clear of blue-reds and choose more coral reds.My favorites have to be brick reds for Indian skin tones. Dusky skin can choose maroon and plum based reds for sure.


Choose the right texture and finish:

Matte reds have always been a classic with black liner, you can wear matte red lips without having to worry about bleeding, smudging and feathering lipstick.Or could choose a lighter red with some red lip gloss on top.Going solo with a red lip gloss? Do not forget to use a lip liner underneath.Choose tints or stains for day wear red lips.

Add lip liner:

Lip liner is of prime importance when wearing red lipstick, the reason being that the liner will make the lipstick stay in place, prevent bleeding lipstick, and when the stark red color fades off, you will be left with some color on the lips, red lipsticks can be kind of unforgiving hence red lip liner will help you shape the lips, and also create a flawless base.


Highlight around the lips:

this tip is something I found to be very interesting. Use a matching concealer cream or matte, and apply it around the lips outside the lip lines and then blend it like there is no tomrorrow. Go ahead and outline and the lips and fill in the color.

Go for neutral eyes:

My favorite is to use very very subtle golden beige shadow, and some light winged liner and tons of mascara. Make sure your shadow is not shimmery, but still adds a pop, I like to add some subtle gold to the eyes with red lipstick,you can even skip liner and add loads of semi-dramatic mascara.


Go for black eyeliner:

When using red lips, refrain from using a colored liner,use a jet black liner and preferably very matte. Keep your liner thin, and smudging it is not such a good idea, I like to use a clean stroke of black line when wearing red lipstick, rather than smudging or adding much kohl to eyes.

Pair it with your black dress:

Classic red lips and black liners looks perfect with your little black dress, saree or even your black anarkali. I think black dress and red lips are made for each other. Adding too much color in terms of outfit with red lips, not such a cool idea!

Check and touch up often:

Like I said red lips can be unforgiving in terms of smudging and leaving your lips bare at places, who knows, after a meal.It is a good idea to check the lipstick often and touch up gently with fingers if needed. Smudge the liner well with lipstick is wearing it often during the day, avoid a red stark lip outline.

Keep nails nude:

Red lips and red nails can be too vampy,and will be most tragic if the reds do not match. Go clean and neat on the nails, a nude polish will do wonders.

how to wear red lipstick

Blend different colors of red:

If you have a bright red you cannot use tone it down with a nude lipstick,mix your orange red with candy apply red, and try to achieve the red you like,we all have a red for our skin.

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  1. You are a lipstick diva….coming from you, these are absolutely great tips – will keep them in mind neha *woot* *woot*

  2. Hey that’s a great review you got there neha *clap* (i’m your silent admirer *shy* )… can u suggest some specific reds for dusky skin tones?

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