10 Tips to Lose Weight with PCOD

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PCOD and PCOS is a big problem these days and many women are suffering a lot due to this. The major problem that haunts most women with PCOD is weight gain. As curing PCOD completely is not possible, you will have to follow a few things regularly to keep your weight in check. Read ahead to know more about these easy tips.

10 Tips to Lose Weight with PCOD

1. Reduce Stress Level

Stress level plays a major role in weight gain during PCOS. When you are stressed your hormonal balance gets disrupted leading to uncontrolled weight gain. (Often women say that the weight gain stresses them out and this stress leads to more weight gain. You cannot eliminate stress completely but you will have to find ways to cope with it. Try to pursue some hobbies, share your thoughts with friends and family, meditate and go for weekend getaways.

2. Sleep for 8 Hours Everyday

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This is very important for everyone and especially for those with PCOD. When you sleep less, your grelin hormone level increases which gives hunger signal even when you are not hungry. You eat excess and gain weight in such cases. The insulin hormone also cannot work properly which leads to weight gain. Sleep for 8 hours everyday no matter what and you will see a drastic change in your body.

3. Work Out in the Morning

Make work out a compulsory thing in your daily routine. Often we tend to get tired at the end of the day and lose all interest to exercise. Do it in the morning after waking up. Your body will feel energized and refreshed and you will never skip the exercise from your routine.

4. Do Not Take a Break Day

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You should not take a one day break very week from your exercise routine. Practice a recovery workout once a week and that will be your kind of break day. In PCOD, your body needs movement everyday and this routine helps you to maintain the mobility.

5. Cook Your Own Food

When you have PCOD, you must learn to cook your food. Instead of eating out, you must always go for home cooked food. Choose your ingredients properly and thus you will know what you are eating. This will allow you to maintain a balance in your diet and you will always eat healthy.

6. Eat without Distraction

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Eating while staring at the computer screen is something that you must eliminate from life. Follow a strict eating schedule and eat without scrolling through the phone or chatting with your friend. When you concentrate on your food, you know what you are eating and you never overeat. This helps in maintaining your body in a long run.

7. Eat Loads of Veggies

Vegetables are very important if you want to lose weight. They are loaded with micro nutrients and fiber and are low on calorie. Broccoli, cauliflower, sprouts; carrots are some of the must haves. Add loads of green veggies to your diet and it will help in weight loss.

8. Cut Liquid Calories

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We often take in a lot of calories in liquid form and we are not even aware of that. If you are suffering from PCOD, this is something that you must take care of. Drinking cold drinks, tea with sugar, coffee with ice-cream are things that you must stay away from. Also avoid alcoholic beverages, commercially prepared smoothies and canned juices.

9. Reduce Processed Carb Intake

You don’t have to stop eating rice and roti completely. But stop eating processed carbohydrate based food including breads, pasta, cookies and cakes. These keep you undernourished and leads to lot of weight gain. Once you replace these with healthier options like quinoa, brown bread, homemade banana-whole wheat muffin, a lot of improvement is seen in your body.

10. Count Your Calories

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Maintaining the calorie you are in taking every day is important. You must stick to what your dietician has recommended. This works when you eat homemade food. There are a lot of apps available that helps you to keep the count in your phone. You can input the amount and ingredient to the calorie value. If you complete the desired value before your dinner, you can opt for low calorie food instead of skipping the meal. Once you learn to keep the track, it will be easier for you to choose foods that do not cross the limit.

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