10 Tips to Keep Your Long-Distance Relationship Alive

Well I am in a long-distance relationship and I know how it feels. If any of you reading this post are also in a long-distance relationship, then you’ll find this helpful. You really need to put in some extra efforts if you want to make your relationship work.

10 Tips to Keep Your Long-Distance Relationship Alive

1. Do not overcommunicate
I know you must be thinking that I have written this wrong as in any relation, communication is really important. But what I mean to say is do not be sticky and clingy all the time. Give him some space and time to think about you. If you would expect him to give you 20 hours out of 24, then this would become totally annoying. Do communicate as much as you need or he needs but just don’t do overdo it.

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2. Use technology for a live video date
These days, Skype calling is the best option for people like us. This works the best for planning a live video date. Wear a cute LBD, light some candles and keep flowers ready. This would make you two feel like being really on a date.

3. Set some basic rules
Although men don’t like to have any set rules in a relationship, but when you are in a long-distance relationship it becomes really important to be clear about few things. Having some basic relationship rules, like what you two would expect from each other, going out with a person from the opposite sex and where to draw the line, will make the relation a lot easier.

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4. Flirt and talk/text dirty with each other
We all know that physical intimacy is zero when you are in a long-distance relation and you can’t deny the power of touch. Flirting and the naughty random texts keep the spark in a relationship alive.

5. Avoid relationship tension
If you know your guy does not like you going out to late night parties or clubbing, then you should avoid such situations or tell him beforehand to reassure him. Hiding things will only build up your tension and will make the other person oversuspicious.

watch a movie

6. Do things together
Play online games together and show your happy and fun side. Watch a movie or shows at the same time. These little things give you common things and interests to talk about.

7. Be clear about your future
If you guys have any future plans of marriage or being together in any way, then you should talk about it. Talking about a future where you see both of you together will show that you strongly believe in your relationship and are quite serious about your partner.

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8. Always send morning/night text messages
This doesn’t seem a very important thing to many. But do not forget to send lovely good morning and goodnight messages to him. This makes the other person feel very connected.

9. Keep a track of each other’s activities and schedule
Do show great interest in your partner’s everyday activities. Know the small and big events of his day. Ask him about the exam, presentation or the meeting at the end of the day.

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10. Stay positive
Staying positive is the most important thing. Bring some positive energy in your relation by showing gratitude. Appreciate little things that your partner does for you. You will surely feel lonely at times but don’t let that affect your relationship. Just remind yourself and your partner that this will all be soon over!

There so many lovely ways to stay connected and keep the romance alive, but first you require a strong will to be together.

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