10 Tips to Look Fresh and Beautiful after 40

By Ku. Priyanka

Every woman wants to look fresh, young and beautiful, regardless of her age. But, you need not worry about your growing age. If you want, you can look beautiful and attractive throughout your life. But you need to know and follow some secrets tips for that. The key to looking young does not lie in putting on cakey makeup or bold lipstick, check out these subtle ways instead.

1. Natural is Best

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Women who are 45 or above, should try to go for lighter makeup. Contrary to popular belief, dark makeup won’t hide your flaws, and will actually accentuate them. For example, our lips tend to become thinner with age. So, to make them look fuller and appealing, apply a nude lip liner first. Now, coat this with a layer or very light or nude lipstick. Now, to make your lips look plump and young, dab a bit of highlighter or gloss at the centre of your lips.

2. Say Bye to Shimmer

Never use shimmery and pearly products. Such products can easily bring attention to your wrinkles. So it is always better to avoid them. Instead of such products, opt for matte or subtle product and your face will look natural and attractive.

3. Fuller Eyebrows

perfect eyebrowsMake sure your eyebrows always look natural after 40s. But, instead of plucking and threading them to a super thin size, go for a more fuller and thicker look. If you are not comfortable with shaping and lining your brows, start by filling them. Fuller eyebrows always create a more younger appeal.

4. Choose Your Base Well

Do not make this common mistake of opting for heavy foundations. Instead of hiding flaws like age spots, wrinkles etc, such foundations will get settled into them, making them look more prominent. On your day to day basis, opt for a tinted moisturiser. It will keep your aging skin moisturised and radiant. On special ocassions, opt for a cream based foundation.

5. Focus on Your Eyes

The skin around our eyes changes very quickly with age. This skin does not remain as plump, healthy and moisturised as before, due to the lack of moisture and elasticity. So instead of using a liquid eyeliner, shift to pencil eyeliners. Remember, you do not want your eyes to be the centre of attention, you just want to accentuate them a little.

6. Mascara

Mascaras can become your best friend after you hit your 40s. Mascara highlights the eyes well and makes them look wide open. After your 40s, opt for a volumizing mascara. This will create an effect of fuller lashes that are still healthy and seductive.

7. Makeup Primer

A makeup primer is the most important makeup product for women over 45. A good primer makes the makeup last long and helps all the products to blend well on the skin. So never forget to use illuminating primer before applying base for night for that special glow and a moisturizing primer during the day.

8. Conceal

For hiding your skin’s problems like dark circles and thin wrinkles, use must use a concealer. A good concealer not only hide blemishes, spots and dark circles, but also highlights your best features, making you look fresh.

9. Neutral Eyeshadow

Always opt for neutral colors when it comes to eyeshadows. Deep and dark coloured shades give a very heavy appearance and make your eyes look droopy. Use some nice light and soft coloured eyeshadows and don’t forget to blend them well.

10. Use Of Blusher

If you want to use a blusher, then always choose soft and natural toned shades. Like brownish pink, peach and vine shades.

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