10 Tips to Use Colour Correcting Concealers

Hi ladies,

Here are some tips and tricks that will help you get the most out of your colour correcting palette. Let’s read on to know more!


1. Use patting motions:

When you are colour correcting, then you are just covering the shadows on your face, so you will need light handed gentle strokes in patting motion, with your clean fingertip. This way, the warmth of your skin helps them blend into your complexion seamlessly.

2. Reach out for palettes:


Chances are, you will need at least 2-3 hues for a flawless and seamless look. In this case, try to invest in colour-correcting palettes which have multiple shades of concealers to suit your liking.

3. Find the Right Formulation:

Don’t just go for green hue, just because someone said so! Check out the pigmentation too. A pastel green might work for fairer skin tone but you will need to find a deeper green to colour correct, if you have deeper skin tone. So choose wisely.

4. Apply your foundation first:


If you use colour corrector concealer first, then you will need a lot more product in one go. Use BB cream, tinted moisturizer or your foundation and then use colour correctors.

5. Conceal as You Would Normally:

You don’t need any fancy method to apply the colour correcting concealers. You can use them, just like you use your normal concealer. I have mentioned above that; you should use foundation first but that is totally up to you. If you feel you are getting better coverage by using concealer first, then by all means go for it! There should be no rules when it comes to makeup.

6. Know the colour wheel:


You can’t really work that well, if you don’t know what a colour wheel is! You should know that, colors directly across from another, cancels the other out. For instance, red is directly across from green on the color wheel. The color green will neutralize the color red, which is why green concealer works best to cover red acne blemishes. So, if you are jumping into the colour correcting world, then spend a minute or ten studying the colour wheel!

7. Don’t be afraid to mix and match:

You can play around with different shades of colour correcting concealers, mix and match and see what works for you in the best way possible. Remember, there are no set rules, when it comes to art of applying makeup.

8. Make use of white concealer:

You might get a white concealer in your palette. You can make good use of it too! You can dab a little on your upper cheek bones, right under your eyes, blending outward towards your ears. You can also use this in the inner and outer corners of your eyes to appear more awake, under your brow bone for a subtle brow highlight, down the middle of your nose and in your cupid’s bow for a perfectly highlighted face.

9. Neutral Concealers for not so problematic skin:

If your skin is in good condition and if you don’t have too many problematic areas, then you can just go for a neutral concealer in a shade similar to your skin tone, or one shade lighter.

10. Choose Your Colors Wisely:



Yellow is quite a versatile shade. It works on olive or tan skin and cancels out those purple-blue under eye circles and dark patches. Yellow concealers are also great for evening out skin tone, to give a bright base for your foundation. For a more dramatically contoured look, apply powder a shade lighter, than your complexion over the yellow concealer and watch your concealer turn into beautiful highlights.


Green neutralizes red, which is why green concealers are great for getting rid of any redness on your face. Any redness from acne, irritation, or rosacea can be concealed with green shade of concealer. Simply dab a little pale green concealer over any red blemishes you have, allow it to set, then cover it up with a very light application of your skin-toned concealer


These shades are most effective on tan to deep complexions, with blue undertones. Just a dab of the rich orange-red cream, will cancel out deep blue and purple shadows.

Pale pink/salmon concealer:

If you have a darker or olive-toned complexion and have a greenish tint on your under-eye circles, at that time these shades will come in handy for neutralizing your dark circles. These are ideal for brightening around the eye area and masking signs of fatigue.

Purple, lavender, or lilac:

These concealers are best suited for eliminating any unwanted yellow undertones on your skin. If you have pasty, dull and yellow complexion then a concealer in these shades will add a nice brightening effect to your skin.


You may think that using this colour could be absurd but that is not the case. This colour adds radiance to skin and brightens porcelain and fair skin tones really well.


Peach concealer conceals under-eye circles on olive skin tones, and counterbalances deep blue skin, associated with under-eye darkness. This also works well on greyish under-eye circles.

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